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All Kind Healthcare In Baddi, Himachal Pradesh / Fraud certificate given by all kind healthcare

1 India

Dear sir,

Subject - complaint against all kind healthcare 88 - b, epip-2 thana, baddi, distt. Solan, himachal pradesh. Head office of this company are leeford healthcare ltd 203, mangalam, kulupwedi
Borivali (E) mumbai 400066. All kind healthcare are made leeford healthcare's products. All kind healthcare co. Are cheated his employee. This complaint are industrial area baddi, himachal pradesh.

I went to job interview in all kind healthcare as the date february 2013. I had selected this job. But this company of accountant mr. Chaman said that you will work accountant assistant job then we
Shall give appointment to you. I had believed this person. All kind healthcare co. Had not given appointment letter after one month. This company staff had changed behave with me.
This company's staff had done confused me for indisplience work. I want to leaved this job. But this staff were make talk with me.
But I understood that this staffs are changed. But it was not true. Senier employee of this company were kept his junier employee for his personal perpose.

But I wants to commitment on all kind healthcare co.. This comment are true. Because I had worked this company.

1. This company are not any rule and regulation. This company are made rule his profits. This company are showed his rule but this rule are not followed.

2. When any person comes in this company for job. If this person are kept, then they are said that I will give to you appointment after the sometimes.
You donot take tension this appointment letters. But this company are not provided after the works. This company makes fool to his new employee. If some senier employee are high level appoarched.
This company are provided appointment letter and exprience certificate for that employee. They are not provided any other employees.

3. Payment days - this company gives salary to his employee as the date 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22. This company are not provided overtimes for his office staff as a sunday.
This company's staff makes fool for come in sunday. Esi agent makes this company of salary report as the date of month 2 and 3. And this report send to baddi head industrial area before date of month
10th. As the rule, wages gives at the date 7 to 10 of month.
But this company gives wages his employee as the date of month, 16 to 22. This company issued cheque in pnb bank after the 10th date of month. This company are not mentioned overtime in wages report.
But this company gives overtimes his labour.

4. This company are not rule and regulation. Because some employees come in at the time 10:00 or 11:00 or 12:00. And goes to his mood.

5. This company's staffs has shortage of responsibility. This company's staffs are showed his responsibility. But actual has not its.

6. All kind healthcare co. Has not cooporated person. But if some person has come from outside. They are showed only cooprate for his personal purpose. I has worked this company for three months.

7. This company are deducted pf and esi from his employee. But not cooprate this employees. This company wants follow his rule.

8. I had leaved this company as the date of april 27, 2013. I went to his salary as the date of may 10, 2013. But this company's staff said that you will come in at the date of may 12, 2013.
I went in this date. But this staff said that you will come in at the date of april 17, 2013. This company's staff are making fool in this date too. But I said that I will go to court.
Then this company had given wages me. This company are cheating his employee.

9. All kind healthcare co. Are not made identity card for his employees. This find are difficult, who's are that employee. Where are that employee work. You can investigation this purpose.

10. If new employee comes in this company. Then that employee has confused by that company's staff as mr. Vinay gautam, (Kinnu) ageet singh, chaman jit and vicky kumar,
. That person are used to abuse languages.

This company's staff can misused of his employee of document for his personal purpose. I went in this company for his document's security as the date of may 23, 2013. Because I had worked in this company. So I have some record.
I meeted accountant of this company who's name mr. Chaman jit. Who's was my boss in this company. Before one week, I talked mr. Chaman on the phone. Then mr. Chaman said that I will give to you record of yours work.
Mr. Chaman had written on computerised in his company'shead paper. And mr. Chaman had done signature in this head paper. Mr. Chaman had given me. I said that stamp are not mentioned.
Mr. Chaman jit said that stamp are not mention in this document. But I said that company'sstamp are necessery in this document for verification. But mr. Chaman had refused for stamp.
Mr. Chaman are made fool of his employees and say false (Dhoot).
Mr. Chaman has been given me as fraud document. Mr. Chaman jit are cheated with me. I had collected following document as himachal bonafide, 10th certificate and graduation certifiate. I wants security of his document. Because
This company can cheated his employees of document.
Dear sir,
I wants to say that please help me early. I wants to receive record of his work in this comany. This company has not given me as appointment letter and work exprience.
This company are not providing me and giving fraud record. I am sending fraud document of this company which are giving me. This document has not done company's stamp.
This company are cheating with me.
Please help me early sir,
I wants to true record of his work with stamp verification.
I has not received any response for this complaint after the 20 days.
This company are cheating with me.
Please help me sir immediately.
I am quiteb hopeful that you will take a prompt action and oblige.
Yours faithfully
Rajesh kumar
Shimla, himachal pradesh
Contact - [protected]

Dear sir,
Subject - complaint against all kind healthcare baddi, distt. Solan, himachal pradesh, head offices - leeford healthcare ltd mumbai.
Main aapse ek important baat kahna chahta hoon jo industrial area se related hai. Jo company apne employee ke sath fraud karke unke document ka bhi misuse kar sakti hai.
Esi ek matters mere sath bhi hua hai.
Main job ke liye all kind healthcare, 88 - b, epip-2 thana, baddi, distt. Solan, himachal pradesh ke address par gaya. Yah company leeford healthcare ltd 203, mangalam, kulupwedi
Borivali (Ea) mumbai 400066. Ka product banati hai. Yah es company ka head office hai.
Eska head office mumbai mein hai. Main es company all kind healthcare baddi mein select ho gaya. Main feb.1, 2013 ko join kiya gaya. Tab es company ke hr mr. Chaman ne kaha ki
Aapko join karne ke kuch time ke baad appointment letter diya jayega. Maine bhi believe karke job ki. One month ke baad es staff ke person ka behaive change ho gaya.
Es company ke person indisplince work karke mudhe pareshan bhi kiya gaya. Par main es job ko leave karna chahta tha. Par koi na koi bahna banakar fasate the.
Main yah understand karta tha ki perhaps ye person change ho chuke hai. Par esa nahin tha. Es company ke per person apne employee ko ek apne fayde tak rakna chahte the.
Aur unko fasana chahte the taki apna kam niklta rahe.
Par all kind healthcare company ke bare mein kuch comment karta hoon. Jo reality hai.

1. Es company ka koi rule aur regulation nahin hai. Ye company apne fayde tak hi rule banati hai.

2. Jab company mein job ke liye aata hai to us person rakna ho to kah dete hai ki aap kam karte time hi appointment letter diya jayega. Aap eski tension na le. Par baad mein yah company
Provide nahin karti hai. Jis employee ke sath good link ho or senier ho. Aur high level tak pahunch ho. Unke liye ye appointment letter aur exiperience deti hai.
Aur any other ko nahin deti hai.

3. Es company ke employee ko salary (Payment) 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 ki date ke baad hi milti hai. Kabhi to 20 or 22 date ko milti hai. Yah company salary ko bante mein 3 days lagate hai.
Office ke staff ko koi overtime as sunday or other facility nahin milti hai.
Es company ke staff ki salary ki report esi ka agent banata hai as the date 2, 3 of the month. Aur yah salary report banakar indistrial area ke head office baddi mein date of 10th th month
Se pahle send kiya jata hai. Jabki rule ke anusar salary ko month ke 7 se 10 ki date tak diya jata hai.
Par es company mein actual salary employees ko month ke date 16 se 22 ke bich diya jata hai. Ye company pnb bank baddi se apne staff ke liye cheque 12 date ke baad jari karti hai.
Salary mein overtime ko nahin mention karte hai. Jabki yah overtime deti bhi hai.

4. Es company ka koi rule nahin hai. Kyonki koi employee 10:00 baje, koi 11:00 or 12:00 baje aata hai. Apni marji se aata hai aur chala jata hai.

5. Es company mein responsibility ki kami hai. Kyonki yah bahar se responsibility show karti hai. Par hai nahin.
Na apne employee ke parti na others.
Jab es company ke person ko bill diya hai. Aur vah person bill vapis na karke kisi aur ko deta hai. Es company ke person janbudhkar esa karke us person ko pareshan
Kiya jata hai.

6. All kind healthcare company mein cooprative person nahin hai. Jab koi person bahar se us company mein aata hai to uske sath cooprative ka dhikhava karte hai.
Kyoni maine us company mein 3 months kam kiya hai.

7. Yah company pf aur esi deduct karti hai. Par us employee ko coprate nahin karti hai.

8. Yah apne fayde tak simit rakhna chahti hai. Agar enka rule chalta to apna hi rule follow karti.

9. Maine yah company april 27, 2013 ko leave ki. Aur april month ki salary ko may 10, 2013 mein lene gaya. Par es staff ne koi bahana banakar mana kar di aur kaha ki 12 tarikh
Ko aana. Es date ko bhi mana ki. Maine kaha ki main court ka sahra luga. Fir es company ne may 17, 2013 ko salary di. Ese bhi proof hota hai ki yah company salary kab deti hai. Aur pareshan karne
Ke liye kya kya karti hai.

10. All kind healthcare ke employees ke koi identity card nahin banta jise yah pata nahin chalta hai. Kyon kahan kam karta hai. Yah person es staff ka employee hai ya nahin.

11. Es company mein jab koi naya employee aata hai tab usko pereshan kiya jata hai. Yah pareshan en person ke dvara kiya jata hai. Jese vinay gautam, chaman jit, vicky kumar
Ajeet singh (Kinnu) and sandhya verma, ye abuse language ka bhi use karte hai.

. Esi company apne profit ke liye kisi ke document ka misuse bhi kar sakti hai. Esliye maine apne document ki security ke liye all kind healthcare ke accountant mr. Chaman
Se kaha ki aap mujhe likhke de ki maine es company mein etne time tak kam kiya hai. Kyonki es company mein main accounts assistant ke taur par kam kiya hai. Aur maine
Ye document collect karaye as himachal bonafide, 10th certificate and certificate. Es company ne bahana banakar appointment letter bhi nahin diya tha. Aur mujhe
Force karke ek paper per resign letter likhaya gaya. Fir salary di gai. Aur old date mention karne ko bhi kaha gaya.
All kind healthcare ke accountant mrs chaman jit ne apne company ke head paper per computer se written kiya gaya. Aur fir apne fraud signature kiye gaye. Kyonki mr. Chaman
Jit ese signature nahin karte hai. Fir mere paas yah letter diya gaya. Maine stamp ke liye pucha par mr. Chaman jit ne enkar kar diya ki esmein stamp nahin lagegi.
Jabki industrial rule ke anusar koi bhi paper per es tarah likha hone par stamp hona jaruri hota hai kyonki tabhi signature proof hota hai. Ki yah comany se valid hai.
Esa mr. Chaman ne mujhe fasane ke liye kiya gaya. Kyonki kal din ulta kuch ho jaye, mr. Chaman yah easy se proof karega ki yah company mein kam karta tha. Esne khud
Written karke fraud signature kiye hai. Es par company ki stamp nahin hai. Jise eski verification nahin hogi.
Main es head paper ko scan karke send karta hoon. Taki sab clear ho jaye.
All kind healthcare ke person kis parkar fraud karke apne employee ko fasate hai. Aur fraud karke employee ke sath dhokha karte hai.
Esi company mein employee ke document kabhi bhi secure nahin rah sakte hai ye fraud kar sakte hai.
Dear sir,
Aap se request hai ki aap meri help karke mujhe real written head paper with stamp ke sath dene mein help kare. Jitne time maine es company main kam kiya hai. Aur esi fraud company ko punish kare taki
Yah apne employee ke sath esa na kar paye.
20 days beet jane par bhi meri es complaint ka solution nahin mila hai. Yah company mere sath dhokha kar rehi hai.
Mujhe ab tak koi bhi response nahin mila hai.
Yah company fraud hai.
Mujhe aasha hai ki aap meri earlp help karege.
Main aapse request karta hoon ki aap meri early problem ko solve karne mein meri help karege.
Es parkar main aasha karta hoon.
Yours faithfully
Rajesh kumar
Shimla, himachal pradesh
Contact - [protected]

Jun 11, 2013

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