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Found them online Paul gave me the lowest quote of allthe different companys I shopped that day, Included is his estimate was also a quote call me first I will give you more discounts. Well I was contacted when I arrived home that late aftennoon by Paul. He said he would give me one free packing of my dresser mirror. My Quote of $899 for 1500 pounds was the best and lowest quote even to rent a truck would of cost me that ot counting gas hotels and loading. Well my move is a very small move partial belongings for my mother 3 furniture items a few odds and end and majority 40 small to medium boxes. Paul told me they were not brokers family owned in bus 5 years and going strong. They do all the moving themselves and send 2 to 3 men for the move. 48 hour notice would be fine but would prefer more notice. Well I ended up with Chicago moving systms 1 man driver/mover out of chicago Illionise Not what I was told. Had some serious complaints on the job. So I contacted All Inclusive in New Jersey who then referred me back to Chicago Moving Systems. I have tried to reason with Chicago movers by phone no luck. i then emailed twice over to All Inclkusive never again recieved any response or contact from All Inclusive.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Jersey City, NJChicago moving systmes is holding my 80 year old mothers belongings in their warehouse demanding more money for the move than agreed upon with All Inclusive Moving & Storage. Chicago has cashed a $450 check and I have not recieved my mothers belongings which are still in their warehouse in Chicago. they are demanding more money to ship and are lying I weeighed everything they no it they tried to trick me and say I could stopo weighting and get a Flat non binding rate & then the driver loader through a temper tantrum like a big boy Crying Baby saying I was taking advantage of him and now we are back to the 1500 pound estimate. Truck is only 14 full ontop 2-3 furniture items on floor. Maybe now with deciet I went over 200 pounds after they tricked me to stop wieghing but not the 7 hundred pounds they are claiming my move is weighing. i had not planned to take all and they tricked me decieved me are frauding me and are not tryig to respond tomy complaints both companies must work together according to Zeik at All Inclusive they are a family owned business and Be ware they have 4 names Van lines moving and storage all Inclusive mOving & Storage. Then Chicago Moving Systems is the DBA for ASAP services Inc in Illinois. They also have 4 different adreses 1 in Niules Ill 1 in Skokie Ill 1 in Jersey New Jersey and one in Bronx New York. Scamming Scandalis Decieving Crooks. go t owebsite alos check out my complaint on chicago moving systems here on this site.

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  • Je
      Dec 04, 2009

    Moving with this company was a nightmare. I had a small apartment being moved 8 blocks or less. They originally quoted a reasonable fee (around $370), and said it was because it was a short move. The driver/movers were scam artists. I cannot put this in any other terms. Absolute highwaymen. Once they got to our new place they put everything on the ground in a large pile and asked for a tip up-front to keep moving, saying they had other jobs to get to. They then tried to claim an extra $250 because of various packaging fees and other nonsense which they didn't do, and refused to continue moving until I agreed to it. I told them I'd finish the job, which I did, and they left with $60 more than the contracted fee. Items were dropped and damaged. We had to throw the couch out after what they did to it. ###. Scam artists. Use at your own risk. Do not believe their quote. Do not trust their movers.

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  • Al
      Apr 22, 2010

    We are submitting this letter in support of All Inclusive Moving & Storage. All Inclusive Moving & Storage has partnered with Volunteers of America's Horizon Program for the past two years. They have been very accommodating to our needs and have always conducted their business in an efficient and professional manner. They have ensured that our moves are scheduled in a timely fashion and completed in an efficient manner. The movers always arrive at the schedule time and always treat our staff and clients with respect. Moves are well organized and completed quickly. The movers are polite, courteous and take pride in their work. All moves are reasonably priced and the employees work hard to assure that their costumers are satisfied with the services provided.

    Alex Brussovansky
    Associate Division Director

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  • Al
      Jun 05, 2010

    Charlie's team exceeded our expectations. They took better care of our belongings than any mover has, and they moved us with real efficiency, intelligence and courtesy. I emphatically recommend them. These guys are experts and a real bargain."

    Albert Lavin

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  • Ma
      Jun 28, 2010
    All Inclusive Moving & Storage - Missing package
    All Inclusive Moving & Storage
    United States

    I was moving a small shipment of household items from New York to Florida. I packed everything and knew what was in each box. They counted the boxes in NY and when delivered to Florida were short one box. The box that they were missing was the most expensive pieces in my shipment. I did not take additional insurance since it was a small shipment. The box that was missing was marked glassware and contained very expensive waterford, steuben and czech crystal. The supposedly searched but couldn't find it and sent me a check for forty something dollars. The mover that picked up my shipment was one of the nastiest people I have met. I think people should be warned about this company and I'm sure I'm not the first one who has had this experience with them.

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  • Fi
      Sep 22, 2011

    I agree... this company need to put out of business. I have contacted my atty general office, my sen. representative (shelia lee jackson and I will be meting. my brother-in-law works for the fbi, so he have advised me on the next step. this company is full of lies and fraud. I was faxed over a bonded quote to sign for $1100.00 move on a one bedroom apt, and I was so inconvienced by their dispatch office to change my pickup date and time several times. (red flag)... once they loaded me up and they changed the price to over $2000.00. they knew I had a deadline and with my back up to the wall I had to use them. I have been calling them for the delivery of my products and they have given me every excuse. its been over a month now and I am still trying to get my products. tried of the games, action speaks louder than words and courts are made for bad business like this. I have call the driver without any return call. all they can tell me about my belongs, its in route.

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  • Ma
      Dec 19, 2015

    these people should be put out of business. They like to rob peter to pay paul. we hired someone from florida and inturn they sent us these people that do what they want to do when they want. they charged us one price and the price kept going up. contacted a lawyer and still to no success. now I am contacting the attorney general to see what and if they can possibly do something

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