All In One Restoration / The completed half the job (while drunk) and then raised the price by 2X

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We hired this local company to restore a room in our that had water and fire damage. We should had know something was wrong with the workers showed up at 9am in the morning and appeared to to have been drinking. We were not sure if they were drinking or not but we could smell alcohol on the breath of the lead working. We gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought that maybe he had been drinking the night before. Needless to say by 2 in the afternoon, everyone one of the workers appeared to be stumbling and slurring their words. They even broke one of the windows in my bedroom when taking out some debris. We waited till the workers had left to call the owner about this. We called Tim Moffitt the owner and told him what had happened. He directly called me a liar and threatened to stop the work we had already paid for. The next day the workers came in at 11am, they were very rude to my wife and I. They also appeared to be drinking again. We even found empty liqueur bottles and beer cans in the dumpster they brought. I called Tim Moffitt again and explained the situation to him. He became very hostile and angry and called me every cuss word he could possibly think of along with threatening to "kick my ###". As he was screaming and yelling at me he told us that he would not finish the job unless we paid double what we already paid him. I do believe this Tim Moffitt guy was drunk also when I called him as he was slurring his words when screaming at me. I am not for sure though, he could have a speech impediment. This company has not come back out to finish the work as we are not going to pay them another 7000$ to finish what they have started, Not that we want them back out here anyways. I am now in the process of retaining a lawyer so that I can sue this company for the money that they have stole from me.

If you are in georgia make sure you stay far away from this company and Tim Moffitt. Its bad enough that they come out drunk, but the owner is very angry and hostile. I believe if we were face to face when talking he would have tried to kill me.

  • RWMunson's Response, Feb 18, 2019

    All I want is what I payed for, stretch silicone lids and when are they arriving tran. ID 3WD15220YX4934940 let me know when I should expect it its been over a month if it was coming surface mail someone in a rowboat could have got it here

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  • Rw
      25th of Feb, 2019 - Silicone stretch lids
    2/ 262 Railway St. Woy Woy NSW Australia

    Transaction Id. 3WD15220YX4934940 where is my purchase, its well over a month and still no lids let me know if they are coming and when please all I want to know is the articles cumming and when my email is [protected] get in touch

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