All Care Dental / Paid for services not given

Utica, NY, United States

Went to Al Care for work and was pIt through a place called Ge Care Credit to pay for dental work. Al Care was paid $4000.00 for the entire amount of work that has never been done. They also got paid $1000.00 from my insurance and submitted the bill entirety to my insurance also to get paid from them. I have not got the work done they were to do, bIt they got paid, only work done was what got paid for by my insurance and that was wrong and still not corrected. Next thing I hear is they closed the office and now stuck being hounded by the company for payment of money that I never got the service for and now have a judgement against me for it. I was also told that my interest rates would only be 11.9% and when the billing came through It was 29.9%. What does one do now that AL Care is gone and people are stuck to pay bills to a finance company for work that was never performed, along with outrageous fees that have doubled the amounts owed. Finance company has told me it is something I have to talk to my dentist aboIt, bIt how do you do that, they closed up and stuck everyone with a bill and no way to fix this. If any suggestions it would be helpful.

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