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All American Driveways & Pooldecks / Be careful

1 United States

On April 17, 2008 we had a salesman come to our home at 133 NW 49 Avenue, Plantation, Florida 33317. The man's name was Harry Vasquez and he came at around 7pm - he said he got lost and we told him we were interested in have a stamped concrete driveway and some work around our pool area in the backyard. We had seen the ad for this in the Flyer which is sent to us weekly and the full size ad appeared on page 17- showing that they were licensed. I had talked to someone at our Wachovia bank about this and since his father had had the work done he gave me the price range etc. After measuring the area and showing us some pictures of what we wanted, Mr. Vasquez said if we- my husband Charles was there, however, he has Alzheimer's, he was not able to contribute to the conversation, if we were to sign for the work that evening he would give us a good deal. He wrote down $11, 800 and I said that if he made it $11, 000 we would take it. He said $11, 200 and we agreed and he drew up a contract with 4 increments of the amount to be $2, 850 as the deposit and then the balance per the contract. He said we would need a survey of our driveway and I said I would get it the next day - the 18th and he said he would pick it up. I got the survey at the Plantation Records and Mr. Vasquez did not show up, but, a concrete supervisor showed up and looked at the yard and said it was doable, and that he was supposed to meet Harry at our house - however he never showed up and from then on it was debateable if there was anyone even working at this Hollywood address. I called Mr Vasquez daily on his cell phone and it was only programed to take messages - which he never answered. Finally I called the office of All American on Friday April 28th at 9am and spoke to their secretary(?) Denise and when I told her my problem she said she would tell Mr. Vasquez to call me the minute he came in. By 1pm Mr. Vasquez had not called me nor had the office informed me whether he was in or not, and I talked again to Denise. In the time between 9 am and 1pm I had decided to find out if this company was indeed licensed (guess I should have done this before I signed the papers, uh?) any way I called the Flyer and told them my problem and they gave me numbers to call - one the Better Business Bureau who knew the company and said that they had numerous complaints against them and would send me a form to fill out a compliant. Also, they have their license number different on their cards and their invoice. Now I am really upset and I call Denise at 1Pm and explain my problem and tell her that I am not happy with what is happening and ask what the manager's name is and she tells me John Pluto and I ask to speak to him. She tells me he is outside and I ask her to tell him to call when he comes in. When I didn't hear again from anyone, I called Denise back and ask if Mr Pluto was in or if he was still outside? Denise gets really irate and said that she is doing what she is supposed to do and that I am disrespecting her and she hung up!! When this happened I called Mr. Vasquez again on his cell phone and left a message that he is to get in touch with me and return my deposit. Today, Monday May 1, at 9:07 I called and told Denise that I would appreciate it if she would AGAIN get in touch with Harry and tell him to bring my deposit back to me. By the way, I gave the deposit to Harry late Monday evening and he must have presented the check for payment the next day, because it cleared my bank on the 19th! Anyway, Harry called me this mroning and apologized profusely and said that he was out of town and would be right over to get the survey - I informed him he could come over but, I wanted my deposit back. Within 45 minutes or so my husband let in a representative of All American - it was not Harry and he did not have his name on his shirt - only the All American logo. He acted like he knew me - he did not, I had never met him before and he said that I was supposed to fax the survey over to the company, however, he would pick it up. I told him I wanted my money back, I was not happy with what was going on and he then proceeded to tell me that I had upset Denise with what I said to her and said that it wasn't nice and I said that all I wanted was my money back - he said that I wasn't getting it and that they would put a lein on our house- when I asked his name he said he wasn't giving it to me and slamed the door and left!! I have since made calls to Broward County Licenses, State of Florida and also State of Florida Agriculture and Consumers. In between that Denise has called me asking me to reconsider as they are ready to start the driveway - she said that she went into our file and that they have the permit already. I called and of course Plantation had not issued a permit. All I can say is that after reading the articles that were printed in the papers about SCAMS, I now feel that my husband and I were probably lucky that this happened, because we could have had problems with any work that this company would have done - however, I feel that they have no right to keep my deposit - I gave it to them in good faith and I did not get the same reaction from anyone concerned with the company- whoever the boss was he didn't even call me nor did Mr. Vasquez show up - rather sent someone else to try and "strong arm" a 77 year old woman and her permantently disabled husband. I hope this helps warn other people, especially seniors, to be careful who they deal with. Just because the ad is in the paper, it does not mean that it is legitament .


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