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My name is : Dr.Khalid Alkurdi, i bout my new car in August 2016( kia sportage 2017 ) (U5YPG81C1HL068287)and unfortunately it was a bad choice.when i bout the car the first 3 month's were wonderful the car was good and i was happy with it. after that problems started to occur with the car, 1) problem the passenger window dynamo needed to be changed because window was stuck, 2) the tire sensors are always on (kia service told me that this is in all sportage cars there is no solution but to adjust the tire pressure every time)
3)the dynamo for the windshield wipers is leaking needs to be changes .
4) the car horn sometimes give a strange sound when i went to them they could not find the problem because is works good most of the time.
all these problems and the car is still new, my brother bout hyundai santafe in the same time i bout my kia and he is very happy with the car and hyundai servic, my father bout ford taurus 2017 and he is also pleased with them, except me i am just dreaming of ending my misery with kia. every one warned me about Kia but i did't listen, please i don't want the car anymore i just want to give it back and take my money.
thank you.
regards: Dr.Khalid Alkurdi
email: dr.khalid.[protected]
mob: [protected]

Nov 25, 2017

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