Aliko Dangonte is a crook. He stole multi-billion dollar contracts by hacking my email account. He has yet to acknowledged or admitted to his crime. He has been hacking my account from 2008 to 2014.

These contracts involved Rosneft Oil Company and Gazprom, both of Moscow, Russia, monitored by Eduard Khudainatov, former CEO of Rosneft Oil Company on the seller side. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is a supplier as well. The client-buyer is Chinese National Petroleum Corporation. The total of contracts have reached 287 contracts.

All this trading is top secret, no party involved is allowed to speak with law enforcement or public officials. Dangonte and his gang are known for their bribery of both groups. Currently, there is a Chinese investigation on corruption of their public officials. For some odd reason, the Chinese Communist Party has entered into negotiating trade contracts on behalf of the Chinese government. This is illegal. It is a good chance, Dangonte is involved as a major player, along with Leonard Bell, Royce West and Larry Owens. Bellabel and Millennium International of Hong Kong, China, is now the principal brokerage of the account with the Chinese.

Dangont's history started in Port of Harcourt, Nigeria. He moved to the United States in the early 1980s. He completed law school at Texas Southern University and was immediately hired as an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas, TX. After one year, he opened a law office in Dallas, practicing criminal law in the area. He was a resident of The Colony, TX for many years. then there was a name change to Aliko Dangonte. Sources claimed he made up the name. This is a clear indication of his dishonesty and conniving behavior. Many of his friends are disappointed at his criminal activities. We hope Dangonte will read this and confront authorities on the fact that he is a theft.

Feb 05, 2015

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