AliExpresschandeliers order number [protected] from aidier lighting co., ltd. I have ordered three chandeliers size 20 cmx 20 cm

I have bought three chandeliers from the company mentioned above. I have received them but they are completely different from the picture shown in their website. So I have contacted the seller by email to explain the problem, their replay usually very late and I needed to message them many time to get a reply and even their reply is not sufficient. I accepted to send me more crystal ball as there were shortage but I have received nothing. As I am not satisfied and the end I requested a refund but I have heard nothing from them. I am not happy with products and the way their attitude and on top of that my problem has not solved
My purchase was in November 2016
Please see attached photographs for chandelier in their website and the photograph of I have got after I assemble them


Jan 27, 2017

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