[Resolved] Alexia Wilde Maclae / the true criminals in this case and Alexia isn't one of them

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minals in the case and it’s not Alexia

I have known Alexia since 1992. I saw first hand how she was
railroaded by the local tv station back in 1997. A lot of years have passed
since then but people have a way of bringing the story and further spreading
rumors about what happened or didn’t happen. Nonetheless there was a CB post in
April 2014 by an individual who had no first hand knowledge of the event back
then and even violated CB’s posting requirements of having received a service
from Alexia.

I do have some interesting facts to share with all you
haters. There were criminal charges filed in this case and you probably haven’t
even heard about the felonies these 2 ex-employees were charged with.
Individual #1 MC-extortion against
Alexia and gross sexual imposition and Individual #2 TB-felonious assault. Alexia had no criminal or civil charges even
filed. Why? The prosecutor didn’t feel that there was any evidence to convict
Alexia on any animal abuse charges. So how did the Ohio Vet Med Board do what
they did? Prior to the media getting involved the Vet Med Board offered Alexia
a 30 day suspension in regard to some activities her employees were involved
in. Alexia declined and once the Board gave into the media pressure Alexia got
for life instead of 30 days with no additional evidence available. “Evidence”
an administrative board uses can be completely up to them with no burden of
proof of guilty within a reasonable doubt such as in the court of law.

So why am I posting this? In addition to getting some
concrete facts out there earlier this week Alexia was harassed and slandered by a humane
organization when Alexia had a tire blow on her horse trailer with 2 horses
rescued from slaughter on the trailer. One woman in particular with Ohio SPCA
did nothing to help change the tire so where is the supposed helping out to
help get the horse home that night to a barn with fans and food and water?

I have advised Alexia to file a complaint against this woman
and the organization.

If you feel it necessary to post in response to this my
suggestion to you is that you better make sure it’s the truth and you were there in that
hospital in 1997.

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Aug 27, 2014

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