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Alex Rodriguez Mercedes / 2003 Mercedes Benz 500 SL / Selling a service and not provided it & selling a lemon!

1 500 Gulf Freeway SouthLeague City, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-866-385-4069

My life long dream and goal was to have a 500 sl Mercedes. I am 54 yrs and I leased a 500sl instead of purchasing one for the simple fact that my CPA said it would be best for me to do that... not knowing I would have the problems that I would have. This 2003 had only 11, 000 miles on it and so being single I purchased a bumper to bumper coverage for $5000 not knowing or not being told it only covers certain items. IF YOU ARE LEASING A CAR FOR MORE MONEY A MONTH THEN BUYING IT YOU WOULD THINK THAT THE DEALERSHIP WOULD COVER MECHANICALLY FAILURE.

When the lease was signed... it had some things that needed to be done on the car and when I brought it back Arod did not and still have not done the items the sales consultant told me they would.

One afternoon I was in the pouring down rain on 45S when all my power went out in the car while I am in the rain with no windshield wipers I called the receptionist for service at mercedes she said you will have to bring it in and we will have a car next week. Think about it I am driving in the rain with no wipers and she says you have to bring it in. The main reason I bought the car is so I would not have to be inconvenienced to bring the car into ALEX RODRIGUEZ they sold me on the part they would pick up my car and bring me a mercedes to drive. Well, the sales rep is no longer there... what luck... After only have the car for a few months the a/c went out and again I was told we can't do anything for a week... Imagine paying almost 1200.00 a month for a car and they say sorry in 103 temperature in the summer...

One night I was pulling out on a busy highway... knowing the power of the car and the car would not go over 8 miles per hour and of course I am lucky to be alive and that another car didn't hit me. Driving which would be a 5 minute drive to my house... it took me 35 minutes because the car would not go more than 8 mph and the Hyduai's are passing me... it makes you appreciate those cars when you know the payment is only around $200.00 month. When the car was returned to me it smelt like cat urine... so I left at least a couple messages but never received a call back so I called again... they picked it up again to find out it was a leak from the air conditioner and the service rep said he had the carpets cleaned which he didn't... meanwhile the trunk was not opening correctly and the service advisor kept telling me that it was fine but after I told him I checked another 20o3 out he found I was right but it is still not closing properly and the dealership lost a part to my cover in my trunk while dinging my door and changing my driver matt out to used torn up matt and stealing my disks for my navigation system and taking my case for my cd player. Reported all this and no one has yet to call me back and one of the rental cars I left my 35m camera... reported that and no one has called me back.

Take in mind I all this happened to my car from when I drove it off the lot when I leased it to only 6, 000 miles.
Yesterday I had a flat on the car so I drove to discount tire to see if I could get it replaced and each tire is around $400.00 which one had a bump on it when I leased it but cause I'm a woman I trust people too much and of course the dealer ship said it was not like that when I leased it. I called road side assistance after I tried to purchase 2 tires for around 800.00 but the tires were on national back order. They arrived about hour and 15 minutes later and then I was told by the service rep that he would make sure I was 1st on the list for a loaner car and for my tires to be replaced. Then I get a call this morning from their useless girl that makes the arrangements to tell me that they would not be able to assist me till 11:30 or 12:00. I stressed to the service advisor I already missed my appointments for the afternoon yesterday waiting for road side assistance to help me coming from Pearland and I had appointments the next morning. Then I was transferred to a manager and he said that the service advisor did not tell me that and there must of been some miscommunication. Basically he called me a liar. I told the manager I was done with ALEX RODRIQUEZ Mercedes.

Also keep in mind that I tried after I almost got killed in the car from the car's mechanical condition to trade the car but I was told for the 1st time that I was not able to do this as I had to finish my lease out or pay my lease out and the car was not worth but 49, 000 and the pay out on the lease was about 58, 000. So if you think you want a mercedes please trust me on this... You don't and if you think you must DO NOT GO TO ALEX RODRIGUEZ. THEY DO NOT CARE.

One more thing... I'm sure that no one can believe all this can happen on a MERCEDES BENZ that I only drove 6, 000 miles in less then a year... so how would you like to have paid around 16, 000 dollars for less then a year and have all these problems and last but not least the 1st oil change at ALEX RODRIGUEZ when I opened my trunk to find out it was all wet... well the service department said it was the seal on the trunk but my $5000 bumper to bumper coverage would not cover that it would cost me 475.00. Besides the fact that my insurance on 2 cars went up to 500.00 a month and the other vehicle is a 2006 nissan frontier pickup which is only 91.00 a month.

Last but not least you can count how many failures I've had the but as many times the quality service department had the vehicle they never once told me that my license tags had expired or I needed a new inspection sticker it.
Now I think you see the true picture.

So believe me... I did not listen to my dear friend that told me you do not want a mercedes... please take my advice... I am living proof but I believe it has alot to say about the dealership... Don't be a sucker like I was...I will be contacting a attorney to take action and return the useless money pit Ceritfied Mercedes back to Alex Rodriguez leased me with my joke of my bumper to bumper coverage.

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