Aldo / refuse to refund shoes with ripped tongue

Ottawa, ON, Canada
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I have bought a pair of shoes from Aldo store (address: 550 Terminal Ave b14, Ottawa, ON ).
I wore it just twice​.​ ​Suddenly I noticed that ​one tongue has been detached.
From the pictures​ attached, you can see that they are still ​in ​new ​conditions.

I took the shoes to the same store​, and the sales person refused to take the shoes and refund my money.
I asked to talk to her manager, and she said that she was the acting manager.
She told me to call the customer service, and she refused to do it herself.
I called them and they told me to send an email to the company with the pictures, and that they cannot assist on the line!
I took time to take a lot of pictures and send them an email.
4 days have passed and I have got no response. My wife also sends them an email from her own account, but they did not reply either.
So I have tried to go to store, to call, and to send an email. I have received no response.

Aldo has sold me a piece of crap and now they don't take any responsibility for that.
Customers should not be treated this way. It should be very easy to return a crappy product and get the money back.
If I don't bring the shoes to the same store from which I have bought, what else can I do?

I would request a full refund on my credit card ($62.12).

I would never recommend Aldo to anybody.
Beware, even if it is on 70% sales, don't buy from them! It's not worth the time and money.

B​est, ​​


Feb 3, 2017

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