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Glenn Albrecht charged me $800 for a home inspection, lead inspection and mold inspection on a historic home in St. Michaels I wanted to purchase. He did a completely incompetent and inadequate job and didn't disclose major deficiencies in the home - the attic air handler and entire system of ducting and registers was full of toxic black mold - the worst my HVAC contractor and mold remediation specialist had ever seen - and massive wood rot that caused me to have to tear down to studs and rebuild the large sun porch and deck above it, among other things. He didn't even inspect things included in his contract and report like the roof (looked from the ground!), chimneys, gutters and sidewalk, which had glaring and costly problems to repair. It cost me $120, 000 post-sale to remediate the mold and repair the house to make it livable as it had been represented to me.

My buyer's agent, Jeff Knapp, of Long & Foster (DO NOT USE) hired Glenn Albrecht to do the inspection and I strongly suspect they colluded so the sale would go through. Jeff's office and others recommend Glenn to do inspections despite his terrible reputation among home buyers. He is commonly referred to by buyers as the "seller's inspector" and is known to routinely overlook mold and rot in home inspections. I have spoken to numerous people who used him not knowing this and had similar unfortunate and expensive experiences with him. Agents say that Glenn is the only inspector in St.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Saint Michaels, MDMichaels, but there are good inspectors in Easton and I would use anyone before Glenn.
His website says "We are the experts in mold testing and inspection", but his testing consisted of purchasing a $10 Mold air sample test kit from Lowe's and sending in it and it showed no mold in my house, yet there was pervasive visible mold on the outside and inside of the air handler as well as upstairs registers that Glenn missed on visual inspection as well - all supposedly part of his inspection. (If you want a house inspected for mold, I highly recommend Total Home Performance; they are real mold specialists and responsible professionals and have an excellent reputation. All my neighbors use them for mold remediation and crawl space improvements and love them.)
After I purchased the home and was working with various contractors, we all saw the glaring deficiencies that Glenn and Jeff (also an inspector and builder) had overlooked and failed to disclose to me prior to my purchase of the house. It's too bad I trusted them to protect my interests because it's obvious they were more concerned with their own financial interests than mine. I could have done a more thorough inspection myself and saved $120, 000 and untold aggravation and stress, or not bought the house.
I sent a complaint letter to Glenn, who ignored it, saying he was satisfied with the job he had done. I also filed a claim with his insurance company to no avail because his gross negligence supposedly wasn't covered. Save yourself a huge hassle and go elsewhere, it's not worth the risk.

May 14, 2017

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