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albatross fine chem ltd / ICICI bank credit card fraud

1 India

Victim Of a Fraud

I am a director of a public limited company and among the highest income tax payer in India . I have heard about the credit card frauds but one realizes the gravity only when he himself is duped.

My story begins with a chance call to ICICI bank to redeem points . I was shocked to hear that my card is blocked . WHY ? I was coolly told that my limit has crossed . Come on, my limit is two lacs and, I have only used 14000/ ( Fourteen thousand ) ...there must be some mistake

Shock number 2... according to the bank I had spent more than 2.5 lacs

Shock no 3- the amount has been spent on my supplementary card

Supplementary card ? I have never asked for a supplementary card ...

No you requested for a suppimentry card .. which we delivered to you .

When ? where ? to whom ?

Shock no 4- the address given was not mine . The fraudster somehow got my address changed ... requested for a complimentary card ...received it... gave a copy of false license as proof of identity my cell no changed as well . He went ahead and spent the amount in 3-4 days .

I told them, this is a fraud

The bank blocked the card and asked me to write a complaint . Which I did immediately

Scene 2

Two officers from the bank visited my office to Investigate the fraud ... they seemed to be satisfied and agreed that card has been delivered at fictious address, fictious copy of license was produced and promised to go deep into the matter

Another Shock

While they were there in my office, I received a statement of account from the bank .

The fraudster managed to got one more supplementary card ... yes after my complaint ... once again at changed address ... by producing another bogus license ... the story goes even further ... he deposited a cheque of Rs three lacs ( ofcourse bogus) and happily spent another two lacs .

I was shocked ... officers from bank were shocked .

Now according to bank and there statement, I owned more than five lacs .

I was assured that I would not be penalized, if not guilty

Shock waves continues...

Now I am informed by Mr. Shibu Tirkey Customer Service Manager ICICI Bank Ltd thru e
Mail That

“We confirm that the dispute is resolved in favour of the ICICI Bank credit card.

Hence we request you to make the total payment and clear your outstanding on your credit card account.

We inform you that 4629 xxxx xxxx 5011 credit card was dispatch through Express-IT AWB no [protected] on February 05, 2008. And the credit card was delivered at 11:50, which is received by Deepak [protected], on the showing the Driving License -3935/D/CMR. “ Shibu Tirkey Customer Service Manager ICICI Bank Ltd

It seems that bank is more interested in ripping of their own customers instead of investigating cases of fraudulent activity and bringing the merchants to book where such shady activities have taken place.

I wish to say that May I request you to give me a copy of this investigation report before asking me to pay up? I have always paid my dues on time and willing to pay whatever I owe to the bank. Why not but

Please look into the matter thoroughly.This is a fraud and should be dealt with accordingly. As I never applied nor ever received these cards.The driving license number you are giving is not mine. As per your own investigating guys, the card was delivered to some one not even known to me, not at my address and not to me. How can I be liable for the payment of the charges on the card which I never received. The mobile phone number you are quoting is also not mine.


Deepak Verma

Note - Wow - now some one from the bank called (read threatened)and told me that the cheque issued by me of three lacs has bounced, the same cheque which was issued by the fraudster ... salt to my injury.

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