Alarm Protection UsaTricked into 5 year Contract

ALARM PROTECTION sold my wife alarm service with a 1 year contract. We set the alarm on November 26th, 2014 when we went out of town, My neighbor called me saying that the alarm is going off. 15 minutes later my dad (who lives an hour away) calls me and says " hey is everything ok, your alarm company just called" ! They never called me or my wife (and it took 15 minutes to call my dad, why would they call him and not me!!!) So I called to cancel because I am dissatisfied with the lack of service and they said we can cancel but we owe $2, 073.00 !!! I asked why and they said we are in a 60 month contract!!! I told them no we are in a 1 year contract and they were very rude stating that if I cancel they will put it in collections and it will go on my credit. . If I am not mistaken any time you pay for a service and either party doesn't hold up to their end, then the other can back out of the contract. They say that just because me and my wife weren't called when alarm went off isn't a good enough reason to break contract!!! Isn't that the only reason you have an alarm let you know if your alarm went off. I am currently seeking legal advice...keep you updated

Do not trust the Sales people for this company, they tell you that you can cancel anytime if you are dissatisfied with their service and they DO NOT IN ANY WAY REFER TO THERE BEING A 60 MONTH CONTRACT.

Jan 22, 2015

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