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Alain Burrese makes false claims about himself and his business! He says that he is many incredible things. But I had a private detective do some research on him and his company before I attended his teaching seminar at the Korean Arts Festival. Here is what I found out...

* He calls himself a internationally known martial arts master and a self-defense expert. The truth is that he bought his martial arts rank from unscrupulous martial artists in Korea. He has no dojo. He has no students. He teaches at the YMCA only on occasions when they offer a beginning martial arts class to the public. He is not a martial arts master and he is not well known as he says he is.

* He calls himself a sniper and a sniper instructor. The truth is that he is neither. Check his military records out. He signed up for the bare minimum 2 year stint to get his college paid for. He could not find a job after law school and signed up for another minimum 2 year stint. He was failing at marksmanship and signed up for a last ditch class called sharp shooting. He barely passed and was assigned to be an assistant to a sniper instructor. This means that he did nothing more than passed out bullets and set up targets for the class. He now spins that to market himself as a sniper and a sniper instructor. It is patently dishonest! He is a fake!

* He calls himself a life coach and a motivational speaker. The truth is that he is neither. Anyone can call himself a life coach or a motivational speaker. There are no official requirements. But he has no clients and only speaks at local garden clubs or the local speaking club. He gets no money for these and has declared no income from either. He video tapes himself speaking to mostly empty rooms where he cannot even get people to come hear him for free. Then he uses these tapes to market himself as a internationally known speaker. It is dishonest and a sham!

* He calls himself an author. The truth is he self-publishes all his work or he convinces his friends to include a small amount of his dribble in their books, which are also self-published. He cannot sell his work. He also shows very little book sells on his tax returns. It is more staged folly to convince people of his "expertise."

Here is the truth about Alain Burrese. He is a failed lawyer who was fired from his job as a beginner attorney. He has never since been able to find a job. He is a part time security guard for local events at the local college. He has no dojo and is only a martial arts master in his own mind. He greatly exaggerates his qualifications and his accomplishments in a desperate attempt to market himself to an unknowing public. He lies about his background, his accomplishments and his expertise to market himself online to a very small group of readers which are declining weekly. HE IS NOT WHO HE PRESENT HIMSELF TO BE!

Alain Burrese - Survive and Defend
Alain Burrese - Survive and Defend
Alain Burrese - Survive and Defend

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    This guy is a real sleaze bag! What some people won't do for attention! Pathetic!

Mar 22, 2017

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