Alabama Power Tree Maintenance / destory driveway and left huge mess.

Graysville, AL, United States Review updated:

Alabama power hired a horrible tree service to cut away limbs from their lines here. They left limbs in the road and on top of many places I must cut grass. I am female and a very small person. Although I work 6 acres of land alone and am in good shape for my age I can not do that kind of work. They destroyed a whole half acre of my land. I called Alabama Power to submit a work order for one of their own employees to come and see what a horrible job the crew they hired did. The man was a huge hateful vile person. He told me it was my responsiblity to pick up limbs that out weigh me by 100 lbs and more. I was very kind to him until he turned on me and told me to just "Deal with it". My mom works for them too and checked the rules. She said they ARE supposed to clean up. So the man was a dirty liar just like I thought. He lied and told me it was not their problem and they did not have to clean it up. Then had the nerve to tell me I should have maintained the area myself when it is THIER job to maintain their right-a-way. ANother lie. But they have not been out to maintain it in over 11 years. I work in Mountian Brook and noticed that they were cleaning up every single small stick from the rich peoples yards. I guess if you live in the country and are not rich you don't matter to Alabama Power. My mom works for them and checked the rules. She said they ARE supposed to clean up. So the man was a dirty liar just like I thought. I then spoke with a laywer friend who has submitted a bill for the clean up to the tree service. He too agrees that it is against the law for them to destroy someones property. At least my bill is not high. But that may be the real reason they don't care about destroying the country folks yards. We don't have the money to pay high bills so we conserve while the rich and spoiled do not. Next time I will take off work and be here watching every move they make. And I will be fussing and complaining the whole time. They can't do a thing about it either because it is my property I will be standing on. I have never seen a more lazy group of worker in my life. I hate lazy people.

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      29th of Nov, 2012

    It isn't because they are rich, it is because they will complain to the highest office at the power company they can get to, and they will complain until they get something done. You've heard the saying: "The squeaky wheel gets the grease"? Well, be the squeaky wheel next time this happens. With any company you deal with. I have time to spend on the phone if something isn't right. I make time for that.

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