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Do not ever trust this company! I purchased an air conditioner on 10 july 2018 from alabama power appliance, specifically from the auburn, alabama office from their sales rep, faye. I explained that I wanted a way to pick it up myself rather than spend the exorbitant cost they want for delivering it. I explained I would completely inspect it prior to signing for it and leaving the warehouse alabama power contracts to store them. I understood that if alabama power delivered it they would only be able to note any surface damage. This does not mean they will inspect the internal components of the unit to include the external case without the air conditioner inside it. Nor will they install the unit from their delivery service and thus be able to notice any damages prior to the installation. Faye understood when I explained that I could not install the unit until I receive the ac support bracket I ordered. Unfortunately, when I picked the unit up on 12 july 2018, the warehouse alabama power contracts to store these units refused our right to inspect the unit. We were told to take it home and inspect it there. I had been there the day before, 11 july 2018, to pick it up only to find out that the workers had left a half hour early. Although I could hear people inside, no one would respond to all the knocking we did for about 25 minutes. I had to return the next day at an earlier time, losing money (partial reason I avoided delivery cost) and additional time. Later, when I asked faye why no one called in response to this, she did not understand why I needed to be contacted at all. Really?!
When we got it home, I contacted faye and explained what had happened. She stated that she understood. While I did notice where the underside lost a little bit of the cardboard and there were some dents in the cover as well as a single hole, I did not detect any damage to the exterior of the air conditioner. She asked me to send her a picture of the box. I told her again that I could not install the unit until the ac support I ordered had arrived. I discovered the ac had a tiny one that came with the unit, which was incredibly inadequate, which she again stated she understood. At no time did she state there were any consequences for waiting. Prior to the sale, she did say that I had 14 days to decide on returning the unit. I was within that time.
When we tried to install the unit on 21 july 2018, we found that the inside casing had a bent frame. There was also an undeniable strong smell emanating from the unit that permeated the entire house coming out as fast as the air could push it. I did not see an immediate reason for the smell and thought it might be a break-in smell. Believe me, it was the opposite of a new car smell. Even after shutting it off, it permeated the house for a very long time, taking days to clear out. I do know the units had been in a warehouse for a very long time. I called for service on 23 july, 2018 and on 24 july, 2018, they sent a service person who brought who I think was a trainee with him. The trainee (younger person) stated he had trouble smelling things and the service person stated he was not able to smell some things, although, he wrote on the ticket no smell could be detected. I don't know about you but where I come from that's called a bold-faced lie. My wife states that she has trouble smelling things but she had no trouble smelling that. I even told the service person that I was going to ask for an exchange. However, when I did call on the same day, 24 july 2018 (within the 14 days), faye's demeanor suddenly became cold and very negative toward helping me. Comments like, "they're probably not going to exchange it." did not give me confidence that she would advocate for her customer or that alabama power would stand by their promise. And I was right. She did the absolute minimum by giving her supervisor the most minimal of information without any context. I know that she did not tell her supervisor that she understood why I could not install the unit until I had an adequate bracket to support the unit. She kept stating that I did not inspect the unit prior to leaving the warehouse when she knew that they would not allow me to inspect it in any way. Nonetheless, when she told me her supervisor stated that nothing would be covered and they were going with what the service person stated about not smelling anything, she followed it up with "I did my best." "I did just what you asked me to do." it reminded me of someone having horrible service at a restaurant only to be asked by the waiter and manager, "what do you want me to do about it?" I remembered then that faye told me she was on commission, meaning, sometimes the service after the sale is not important.
So, the manufacturers warranty is now absolutely useless, as is the extended warranty I purchased, which I requested a refund. We'll see if they honor that request. What I won't do about this is waste my time trying to go to court. I might win but life is short. What I am going to do is spread this horrible experience to every person I can. As a military veteran, I have hundreds of contacts with many military installations, mostly maxwell and gunter. As an educator, I have hundreds of educator and parent contacts with the universities and public schools, especially auburn university, auburn montgomery, auburn city schools, and montgomery public schools. As a disabled veteran, I have hundreds of contacts through the va system. I wonder how many people I will reach through the review sites. I would rather spend my time saving people from making a horrible mistake. Again folks, unless you want the absolute minimum, if that, do not trust any part of this company!!!
What I want: I no longer want an exchange as I do not trust this company to do the right thing. I want a complete full refund!

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    Revised: The first attempt to pick up the unit was on 12 July 2018 and the actual pickup was on 13 July 2018.

Jul 29, 2018

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