Al Mishal Air & Sea Cargo Saudi Arabia / Cargo shipment hasn't arrived after almost 2 months

1 Madina, SA
Contact information:

A family friend who performed Hajj this year posted 2 packages with this provider. He was also told the package would arrive within 5 days to Toronto, Canada. I have emailed, called and Facebook messaged the company; the representatives of this company are avoiding us, ignoring our calls and messages. I can see that my Facebook message has been read. At time of taking the shipment they did not provide tracking numbers. At one point when they did answer our call, they provided a tracking number that doesn't exist, received the following message "booking does not exist".

From our experience it seems they are running a scam. I will reporting these people to the Saudi government. InshAllah this will be taken care of accordingly.

Nov 28, 2016

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