Al Klopfer - Fake Professional Drummer / ​al klopfer (albert edward klopfer, jr./ mclean, virginia) - the fake drummer...

1 McLean, VA, United States

​Al Klopfer (Albert Edward Klopfer, Jr./ McLean, Virginia) - THE FAKE DRUMMER...

In an online marketing promotional for a former Jazz project of bassist, Jim Houck, a local Washington, DC area musician; it list drummer, Al Klopfer's working background and resume... and see: (page 24). However, upon further research & review, Albert Edward Klopfer, Jr. has NEVER worked with any of these big name acts that he claims to have been associated with! AL KLOPFER IS A LIAR - A FAKE- A WANNABE and actually, he is... a NEVER WAS! Example... (Claims) "In 1979 he performed frequently with Mel Torme and the Gerry Mulligan Big Band." However, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OR PROOF ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND ONLINE OR ANYWHERE ELSE, that Al Klopfer ever played, performed or made any such experiences with Mel Torme, Gerry Mulligan's Big Band or with any of the other big name Jazz artist that he has now for many years, claimed to have worked with! Check out this video of Mel Torme from 1979, the drummer playing along with the great Buddy Rich, is Donny Osbourne. Donny was Mel's longtime drummer for years and years! ...
Also see:

Extensive research was made and there was NO instructional drumming books written by Al Klopfer in association with the Rogers Drum Company, neither in print or out of print that we could find! It's as though it NEVER EXISTED except ONLY IN THE MIND OF AL KLOPFER! It's so very sad that Al Klopfer has to fabricate lies to make himself appear as a professional Jazz drummer. Hey, certainly one does not have to be John Bonham or claim to be John Bonham to play with amazing skill, power and force! But that's the even sadder part of the story for Albert Edward Klopfer, Jr., HE JUST DOESN'T HAVE THE DRUMMING SKILLS, TALENT AND BASIC QUALITIES found in even an average or beginner drummer! I would even say that he is a novice at best, if that! Whether Al Klopfer ever had these skill sets as a drummer at some point early on or whether by reason of his excessive drinking problem, it's always been quite clear to me that he was a HORRIBLE DRUMMER! Al never kept time well- the basic fundamental responsibility of any drummer is time keeping! And he never rolled well and his note placements did not make any rhythmic sense and neither did he seem to know the music composition he was attempting to play!

His years of chronic drinking problems clearly lead to his criminal acts of multiple DWI's - 3rd in ten (10) years, Grand Larceny, Forgery, Alterations and ID Theft, etc. He even committed ID Theft of his deceased father's identity in order to defraud and scam the VA DMV to get registration, tags and Certificate of Title, although the case was dismissed, it was on the same docket of October 19, 2009 in the General Court of Fairfax County, VA along with two other criminal charges he plead guilty to! He clearly had his attorney work the plea Agreement in order to dismiss this charge!

Would YOU hire Al Klopfer, Jr. (Albert Edward Klopfer, Jr) as your drummer or as a drummer in a band performing at your event? I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T! But if you do, I strongly suggest that you LOCK UP YOUR LIQUOR CABINETS, LOCK YOUR SAFES, HIDE YOUR MONEY & DON'T EXPECT TO HEAR A REAL PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER PLAYING!

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GT09186959-00 KLOPFER, ALBERT; JR10/19/200909:30 AM HOV VIOLATION

GT09186967-00 KLOPFER, ALBERT; JR10/19/200909:30 AM IMPROPER CONTROL/DRIVING- Mark For Payment - PAST DUE


Al Klopfer - Fake Professional Drummer

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    Also, I noticed that there are NO VIDEOS of this purported Jazz Drummer anywhere! That is a bit strange considering the age we live in with Youtube, Vevo, Facebook and other social sites all around the internet. Hey, if I had even been within a few feet of Elvis, Mel Torme, The Beatles or any celebs, much less the claims that I was on stage performing with them, I would have pictures, videos or something to show it! But NOT THIS POSER, AL KLOPFER, JR! In the very least, even if not on stage with Mel Torme or Maynard Ferguson, couldn't the guy put up some videos of his own performances or himself playing on stage with others?! I couldn't even find local musicians who knew this guy other than one or two, and they NEVER KNEW AL KLOPFER, JR. had ever played with any so called big name artist! I would just love to know if the guy can play drums at all!? Posted schedules, events or fellow artist anywhere? I mean Geeezzzzz what musician doesn't brag, boast and want center stage on video or live? And especially the drummers! Soooooo, where is Al Klopfer's drumming video's?

    ​al klopfer (albert edward klopfer, jr./ mclean, virginia) - the fake drummer...
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    Beware of this drunk!

    ​al klopfer (albert edward klopfer, jr./ mclean, virginia) - the fake drummer...
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    Here's more lying spewage from Al Klopfer, but this time off of his Facebook timeline... "Francis, Playing behind you was one of the greatest thrills of my life..."
    Al Klopfer
    March 18, 2016 ·
    Junior, RIP
    The great and very underated singer, composer and arranger Franklin Emmanuel Sinatra went to his reward the night before last. He is better known as Frank Sinatra Jr., and he died doing what he loved best- singing in front of a live audience with nine brass behind him. He was the consummate professional musician and a wonderful
    guy to work for and to know.
    He once told an audience that his Father had actually saved his life. He walked out of the backj of the old Alladin in Las Vegas, and was immediately set upon by three or four Luca Brasi types. "After a thorogh pummeling, the welcome sight of my Dad pulled up in a limo and got out- he said, and I'll never forget this, 'Okay guys, he's had enough.' "
    Never had trouble taking himself too seriously.
    Francis, Playing behind you was one of the greatest thrills of my life and your friendship was even a greater gift. I know that where you are now, the reeds never play flat, the airconditioning works, and you don't get requests sent up to you on cocktail napkins asking you to do "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'"
    As the years go by, the shadow you worked so hard to get out of will receed, and you'll be seen for what you truly are- one of the most gifted singers of our time. Sorry you had to split so soon; Buble and Connick still had a lot left to learn. The time will come when a far greater cross-section of the population will realize that, "Spice Is Nice."
    Don't know if I'll end up where you are- I feel my chances are somewhat slighter- but if you hear I'm coming, buy me a pint. And tell Steve Terrell to keep away from my damn seat.
    Your buddy from "Bureauacracy Town, "

    ​al klopfer (albert edward klopfer, jr./ mclean, virginia) - the fake drummer...
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    Bob Chmel, on tour with Frank Sinatra, Jr.

    Big Band Drummer, Bob has performed with Sinatra, Jr. for over thirty years! (More like 40 years.)

    ​al klopfer (albert edward klopfer, jr./ mclean, virginia) - the fake drummer...
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Sep 18, 2017

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