AkvillonAvoid at all costs

Another investment scam, another company that didn't think through their strategies, methods and plans, another company that didn't give a crap about anything.
Let's think logically: why would a successful (as they say) company accept $0, 15 as a minimum investment? What's the point of this? Maybe it would be better to get collaborated with big investors? Why would they need these 15 cents?
There are also no offers for legal entities. Why? Because legal entities are not that naive and will never give them a cent without contract execution. That's why if you see a lack of corporate details and offering co-operation for legal entities be sure it's a scam.
Moreover, Akvillon states they are a finance and investment company with limited liability, but where are the documents that would prove that? There're also no contacts at all.
And when everything goes wrong you will lose because like I said they don't set up contracts with clients.
So I guess I gave you enough reasons not to invest in them.

Dec 05, 2018

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