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Akc Pet Healthcare Plan / Canine Kidney Dialysis Coverage

1 P.O. Box 37940 Raleigh, NC 27627-7940Raleigh, NC, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-866-725-2747

Guy Chiapperini
1411 Edwards Ave
Bronx, N.Y. 10461

Dear Complaint Board; August 4, 2009

Hello; I'm writing from New York. I'm writing in complaint of the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan based in Raleigh, NC underwritten by Markel Insurance (Virginia). Previously underwritten by State National (Texas). My issue at hand is that I currently am treating my 6 year old German Shepherd Dog with Kidney Dialysis 2x a week due to kidney disease / failure. AKC Pet Healthcare won't provide any dialysis coverage. Dialysis for a pet is extremely expensive & impractical for the average pet owner alone. This is where pet insurance companies should step up. People can get dialysis if they need it and it is covered by human insurance. Why not our pets too!! I value my dog's life. Our companion animals are part of the family. Anyway down the road I'm faced with a potential financial & emotional dilemna. Pet owners like myself in crisis might be forced to euthazize our pets. Since my dog is so young, I do not wish to euthanize. I want to keep on fighting. So there is a discrepancy in the system that an animal hospital charges astronomical prices for dialysis that even pet insurance companies can't afford let alone pet owner's themselves. Is there anything I can do to combat the insurance company or you can do or the government can do. Like writing a letter of appeal to the pet insurance company or can the government implement some regulation or policy that would give pet owners complete access to long term chronic care for their pets if their owners are willing to go the extra mile. Treatment is automatic for people. Currently my case is under investigation through the N.Y. State Insurance Dept. I just received word from them that they cannot decide my case. It is a matter of facts as to the liability of the pet insurance company. It has to be taken to court that has jurisdiction. I am willing to go to court. I need to hire an attorney who is willing to take on this case. My goal in court is for an arbitrator to settle this dispute and reach a means for both sides which would include long term ongoing continued dialysis coverage for my dog. Isn't that what insurance is for right? This is a humane & moral issue. Thank You GC

Guy Chiapperini
1411 Edwards Ave
Bronx, N.Y. 10461

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  • Pu
      15th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I feel it is an accurate description of the DEPLORABLE coverage that AKC Pethealthcare Plan provides. I have a similar problem and now researching other insurance for my pets I have found many companies that offer genetic coverage, kidney coverage, diabities coverage, and actually PAY the claims and provide excellent customer service - UNLIKE the AKC.

    I have had multiple pet policies with the AKC for my 4 dogs for YEARS

    This insurance is only good for the SMALL STUFF! When you truly need it, they will claim some NONSENSE and deny the claim or give you some line of garbage.

    Unfortunately, I needed the insurance and the AKC did NOT PAY as they claim they will.

    I STRONGLY suggest if you are purchasing insurance, and think you have a piece of mind knowing you have your beloved pet covered, THEY ARE NOT!!!

    I am taking the matter to the IL Dept of Insurance - Public Service Section.

    I ask you... do you want to deal with the AKC; and the added loss of your beloved pet and UNPAID Claims of over $8, 000.

    You are best checking out an insurance company that pays an annual maximum WITHOUT a per incident restriction. For myself, there were 3 separate hospitalizations that the AKC is considering ONE INCIDENT and DENYING diagnostics as well.

    In the end I will see what the IL Dept of Insurance states, but BEWARE -- do you want to deal with this? Unexpected expenses when you are paying a high premium for YEARS and the loss of your beloved pet and these idiots?!

  • Nu
      26th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    My family has had similar problems with the AKC insurance and loosing documentation (especially if you fax it or mail it) denying claims and very unprofessional customer service.

  • 20
      27th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have now cancelled with the AKC the colossal problem with them is the "per incident" and/or "chronic" add in heredity and arthritis – so in the end you basically have an illusion of insurance. My experience was increased premiums, the worst customer service and claims processing you can image, lost documentation and steady premium increases. Now add in denied claims and lack of integrity with the AKC Pet Insurance, you only paid for the “fantasy” of pet insurance while being covered with the AKC. Yes they paid have nothing. I have dropped the AKC and guess what -- I now have a creditable provider for my pups without an illusion of coverage -- it "factual".

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