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Ajscats Or Ajskoolkatz / broken contract

1 Palm Harbor, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 727 786 4698

Hello! My name is Kim Jaros and I have been breeding Persian and Himalayan cats and kittens for over 22 years and have never encountered a situation like Alisha and Pam (the mother) Hessler. First of all, unknowingly entered into a signed contract by a minor (14), and they wanted a show quality kitten, preferably chocolate, which I had for sale. I was referred to them from another breeder Barbara Redalia. That is the only connection in this situation concerning this issue. She dragged out payments for six months after signing the now void contract all the time while other people had offered me more money. Eventhough the contract was later to be found void, I still kept my word to sell her to Alisha. Upon the early discussions when the kitten was only 7 weeks old, I advised her that the picture sent will show a few follicles of hair missing due to fungus (ringworm). I followed the vetinarians orders to a tee including bathing regularly in special dips, topical and oral medication. It cleared up within four days, but like an antibiotic, it required two months of treatment to be sure to irradicate the fungus. She also came down with a "cold" and treated for that also. I do not ignore a cat/kitten who shows the slightest sign of a health problem. Like babies, kittens get sick too. I kept Alisha abreast of everything from the playfulness to box training. Then after "eating" the remainder of shipping costs that would incur; AFTER getting my vetinarian's Health Certificate as required by the airlines to ship, the mother (Pam Hessler) called the night before shipping and (also the day of the Health Certificate done) at midnight her time and 9PM Cailifornia time, she CANCELLED and DEMANDED her money back stating the cat was diseased. What a crock of baloney. Then she slandered myself and Barbara Redalia on the internet sight and called everyone or emailed everyone who was a abreeder of chocolate and lilac kittens and slandered us. She went so far as to contact animal control in my city through my landlord and tried to have me KICKED out of my apartment, but everything was koscher and my landlord had to apologize as I keep an immaculate house. Can you believe it? She called Barbara a "fat ###" and made threats. They werre taken off three web sites affiliated with promoting sales and fanciers of this breed. Finally, even their URL completely shut down their web site. They threatened a law suit under the Lemon Law, but of course my certificate from the vet supercedes any form of this in my case since the vet gave the kitten a thorough exam. They were so pompous stating in their so called "scam alert" and emails to us that they are asking for three times the purchase price and snidely remarked "How close are you to Disneyland?' I took care of that cat for over six months, what profit did I make? I could have sold her for twice the amount, turned down offers even though there was no contract only to STICK me?
All I say to them is quit acting like children and GROW UP!

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  • Ki
      3rd of Aug, 2008
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    I completely disagree with this! It takes up to 6 weeks to treat ringworm correctly. I purchased a kitten from a so called reputable breeder and the kitten starting showing signs of ringworm just a few days after I received him. I took him to the vet and my vet said he tested positive for ringworm. We had to shave his coat completely to treat it and it took about 6 weeks for all of it go away. He was on antibiotics and dipped once a week for six weeks. Also, there is the worry about it spreading to your other animals and most of you your family. It is a nasty fungus and very hard to treat. I am pretty sure that more than this kitten in your cattery has ringworm as it is highly contagious. HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!!! So, I think you should refund their money and move on and treat your problems and quit blaming your customers for your problems. I would do everything in my power to make sure there was a complaint filed against your cattery and your company as this is ridiculous to keep there money after paying for a kitten that was sick!
    I really dont see how you can complain to the public about them when you are at fault! I am sure others will see it this way as well. A reputable breeder and honest breeder would not expect a family to take a kitten that has ringworm until it is completed treated and your vet has written a letter to the purchaser that it was treated and completely gone.

  • Su
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    According to the complaint by Kim Jaros, the kitten in question was treated with dips, topical and oral antifungal meds for 2 months, (which is more than six weeks, in case you are math-impaired.) And according to the Hesslers' own site, ringworm is a 'nuisance' ailment.

    Did you not read that part?

    I hope that no breeder who reads this, will sell a cat or kitten to the Hesslers. Furthermore, I hope that Kim Jaros will send them a refund, as it would be very unwise to provide them with a cat, since Janine Jarvis has already described conditions at their 'CagelessCattery' on the Squeaky Wheel complaint site (fleas, sores, mats, untreated respiratory illness, and diarrhea.)

    Kim Johnson, are you related to Sue Johnson, of Cozy Kittens in Unionville, Missouri? The Hesslers' site reminds me of theirs, right down to the $1500 asking price for pet kittens any reputable breeder would sell for $350 or less.

  • Su
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    More of the Pam and Alisha Hessler/AJSCATS/Cageless Cattery saga:

    A sheriff arrived at our place looking for Kim Jaros and talking about some one 'going to federal prison' today. I determined that the Hesslers had told him that Kim ripped them off and Kim lived with us or worked for us, and told him this had never been the case.

    I explained that the Hesslers had wanted to buy a show cat from Barbara, who didn't have what they wanted and referred them to Kim. The sheriff said that our catteries were affiliated and Barb and Kim were partners. I said no. I told him that the Hesslers had made payments on a chocolate show cat from Kim, and then cancelled out and demanded a full refund even though deposits are not refundable generally and Kim had been caring for the cat for months as they dragged out the purchase making small payments. Kim has offered the Hesslers a partial refund which they refused; they are now demanding a full refund and free kitten. Why would they want a kitten from Kim if they think her animals are all diseased?

    The sheriff decided that it was a civil matter rather than a criminal one and asked for Kim's phone number. I gave it to him, and he left. When I spoke to Kim afterwards she said he just asked a few questions and seemed not inclined to treat the matter as more important than it was.

    I wonder when animal control will show up here? We've had some visitors recently who seemed scungy...and were obviously searching for sick cats.

    By the way I have been informed by someone who knows them that Pam Hessler and Sue Johnson of Cozy Kittens are relatives. There is also a sister in St. Cloud, Minnesota whose name is Cathy, and who kept trying to buy a chocolate kitten from Kim recently.

    These people can all go take a dirt nap as far as I'm concerned.

  • To
      31st of Aug, 2008
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    As to this idiot Kim Jaros, let me ask you this, did you refund Alysha's money, you make no mention of a refund, and obviously you still have the kitten, so therefore this customer has been completely ripped off by you!! And to make matters worse, you have ripped of a 14 year old, what kind of ### does something like this, oh, thats right you did. You can rant and rave all you like, and claim that you are the victim here, but all this proves is what a stupid ### you are. The young girl, like any customer anywhere is under no obligation to purchase anything from anywhere at anytime, it is our right as consumers to void any purchase for any reason that we see fit, the deception was originated by you!! What you have done is no different than a consumer purchasing something from let's say Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart telling you that we are keeping your money with no refunds allowed, and we are also keeping the products that you have just purchased. The bottom line here, cutting through all the B.S. is that you did not supply the product promised, which was a kitten, and you did not refund the customers money, in my book, that makes you a [censored]ing theif! For your sake I hope our paths never cross, I place theives in the same catagory as murders, rapists, child molesters, and animal abusers, you are nothing more than a piece of [censored]!!

  • Al
      31st of Aug, 2008
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    Kim Jaros, at last you've come out of hiding. I see Barbara finally convinced you to get a separate website. She must be embarrassed at this point. I saved all the emails including the one which shows Barbara of Tuleburg Cattery involvement.

    We will address each and every one of your LIES:

    Lie #1- "We knew about the Ringworm in the beginning"??? Do you really expect people to believe that we would make payments on a kitten KNOWING it had Ringworm? No one would believe something so ludicrous. Who would agree to paying $1000 for a kitten being treated for Ringworm? Your lies are so lame, your stupidity is almost cute.

    Lie #2- "You had to eat the shipping costs." Our receipt shows we paid for the cat in full INCLUDING shipping costs. Every breeder knows that airlines don't charge you for shipping until you come to the airport.

    Lie #3- "We made threats." Other than legal threats, when were you ever threatened?

    Lie #4- "You sent us money and we sent it BACK TO YOU?" Are you insane? People aren't dumb enough to believe this. You never sent us a penny. Again, your lies are LAME. If you are going to lie to the public make it sound intelligent, even if you have to get assistance from others. You will sound more convincing this way. It's almost a pleasure responding to this stupidity because you now look ridiculous.

    Lie #5- "We are asking three times the amount of purchase price". NOT TRUE. All I wanted was for you to give Alisha her $1000 back. The sheriff's deputy (John Masita) is the one who suggested us to SUE you for triple the amount because of all the trouble you put my daughter through.

    Lie #6- As for the website shutting down, It had nothing to do with threatening you. It was YOUR own words I placed on a page describing the foul language you used on the phone the day we asked for a refund. Don't forget you even hung up on me. This shows how unprofessional you are. You say we wanted to STICK YOU. You are the one that has Alisha's $1000. You don't make any sense. No one stuck you. Like the other guy said, YOU ARE A THEIF.

  • Su
      1st of Sep, 2008
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    Tony Toscano wrote to Kim: "For your sake I hope our paths never cross, I place thieves in the same category as murders, rapists, child molestors and animal abusers"...

    Don't like crooks or animal abusers?

    Me neither.

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