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Airtran airways airlines / worst ripoff company in the sky

1 Miami, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1 800 air tran

Airtran is the worst airline to deal with. The worst Customer Service. They have affordable flights but once you purchase they hit you with a bunch of fees or the service is the worst. I say this because I have used the airline on 3 occasion. The first time they were behind schedule and there was a delay of more than 6 hrs. All they gave was was a food vocher of 5.00 dollars to use in the airport which won't even cover a meal and a 25.00 off coupon on your next flight that expired within 3 months. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and just said it was something that just happened and ended using them again. The next time I used them I arrived within 45 minutes before takeoff and they told me that I was late and was not going to be able to make the flight? I was 45 min prior to the flight! They told me that I needed to be there at least one hour and a half before the flight. I had no bags to check in, just a small carry on. To make a long story short I lost my flight. Ended cancelling the flight by phone losing almost the whole money from the flight (150.00 cancelling fee) except 50.00 which I had to use to purchase another $250.00 ticket purchase the next day. When I got to the airport an other lady told me all I had to do was stay there and wait for stand by and didn't need to cancel my flight nor pay extra for a new flight. Just wondering why they failed to mention that to me before i did everything? Basically I took it in stride and just blame myself for not getting there but if you get the picture they are late 6 hrs late and all they give me is $30.00 back in total which I had to use or I will lose it. I get there 45 min early and I lose over $350.00, the math just doesn't add up? I didn't plan on getting there late just as much they didn't plan on being delayed. Fair is fair right? Now my last complaint has put me over the top. I sent my 11 year old daughter to visit her grandmother. when we get there the lady told us that her bag was to heavy and she needed to pay an extra fee almost $40.00. We didn't do it and just took out the extra 3 lbs we need to take out. We ask if they can accompany her to her flight since she was a minor, but was told there was a fee for that($39.00 - 59.00). She said we can use a guess pass and take her ourselves for free which sounded a lot better. I been on other airlines and this service is free but I have no choice but to oblige to there policy, right? So everything was fine she arrive with no problem everything a ok. Now on her return trip she get to the airport and now are charging for the same bag she took with her and said that the bag is too big and there was a 29.00 charge for it. It wasn't overweight like the first time but now it was just to big? Why didn't they said that the first time? They only complain it was heavy. Had no other choice but to pay the extra fee. But than they told her grandmother that she had to pay for the Unaccompanied minors fee of 59.00. If she didn't she was not going to get on the flight. Mind you at one airport it was an option and at another it is a requirement? Airtran doesn't even know there own policy. if you are going to enforce your policy it should be all the way not half way. I did not know of the policy until I call them to complained what was going on with my daughter at the airport. My failed judgement. But what bothers me the most is that they have there own set of rules. The Airline always win and the customer always lose. What happen to where the customer was a prize to use your company? Now the company kind of say well if you use us fine if not it doesn't matter? We don't matter as client? I work as a sales person and what matter to me most is that you are happy. Make you come back to us for future business. Keep me in business. Earn your trust and keep us as your favorite provider. Every situation is different. I personally would not use this airlines again. There are even cheaper airlines out there and have way better policy and way better customer service. (jetblue, Southwest to name a few) I would not recommend this airline or company to no one. This is not a way to run a company were the customer is always wrong and the company makes out like a bandit. Not the way is should be!


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