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Airtel India Call / paying money for zero returns!

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Airtel (Bharti) is the largest mobile phone provider in India which recently launched a calling card service to India at very competitive promotional offer.

Once they charged money from your credit card, they do not provide ANY service. You don't receive any confirmation of payment and of course you cannot use the money that you already paid to make any calls. The customer service number is fraudulent (NEVER works).

In conclusion, you end up paying money for Zero returns.

There should be some way to protect American customers against such frauds.

Shobhit Gupta,

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  • Pa
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    I agreed and I don't think we can do anything about it. But there is another options that you can do besides using your credit cards to make calls. There are numerous India calling services that provide good connections as well as quality sound, these services are far less expensive than any International long distance plans in the US. You can go on the web and search for long distance calling card services to any countries you want. These services required you to sign up and provide credit cards number in order to be a member. This also serves as billing in the event that you purchase thier calling cards. Check it some searching and read up some services that suits you best. By the way, do you normally call family and friends in India via Air Tel land line or phone booth? I heard that instead of the typical ring tones you would hear, it plays Indian music...its that true?

  • Sr
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    Airtelindiacall is a big scam... I subscribed for their recent promotion magic plan. Once they charge my credit card, there is no confirmation, no 4 digit pin no. Their customer service no. never works. What a fraud.
    I am sad being an Indian I trusted an Indian company and am cheated.


  • Aa
      7th of Mar, 2010
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    I was a good customer of Airtel for a long time. However their standard of service has gone down over the years. They are out to make money out of you. They do not provide any service. Please see what problems I have faced.
    date 7 March 2010 14:16
    subject Re: Reminder Letter From Airtel ( 9971790019)

    hide details 14:16 (26 minutes ago)

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot for this threat. Obviously I should not expected anything better.
    This really caps your effort to come across as a customer friendly company.

    For years, I had got good Airtel service across India and have always had an Airtel connection. However starting with the fateful day that I took this connection, I have faced these problems.

    * FIRST MONTH PROBLEMS - My billing was started BEFORE my connection was verified. After I pointed this over more than 10 calls, your call centre called me and requested me to pay Rs.50 and said they would refund the rest. I paid Rs.50 (approx) "under protest".
    * SECOND MONTH PROBLEMS - The second month, the bill came and the free discount calls charges were not deducted. I was given an inflated bill. It took over one and half month and a huge number of calls before you took notice.
    * THIRD MONTH PROBLEMS - I could not understand how was the bill generated in some issues. All request to your call centre were no answered clearly - they were only interested that I make the payment. I was repeatedly put on hold by your call cenre. I did not receive any response when I sent the mail to the mail ID - I did not therefore pay my dues.

    Obviously customer discomfort with bills generated is not your worry.

    * FOURTH MONTH PROBLEMS - I was informed over the phone that I had dues of Rs.2000 to clear. How was that figure reached? I am surprised that the bill now is reduced to Rs.1723 - which is closer to the actual usage (including one month when you closed my incoming and charged me for usage). Are your accounts always in such confusion or is it that purposely customers are given inflated outstanding amounts ?

    Can I request you to get my outstanding amount checked - on how much do I actually owe you - PLEASE.

    Or is it that being a big company you consider me too insignificant for any follow up?


    93113 XXXXX (I switched to Reliance)

    On 6 March 2010 17:44, wrote:

    Aanand Kumar...Ghaziabad 201001

    Dear Sir / Madam

    Sub: Outstanding Dues on your Airtel Mobile.

    Ref: Mobile No: 9971XXXXXX Account No…101859XXXX

    We have not received a response to our Previous Tele-calls/Field visit & Letters
    Regarding non –payment of bills towards the above said account for a net outstanding of Rs… 1723/-

    We must now tell you that we expect payment to be made immediately. If payment has not been received immediately we will pass the matter to our solicitors with instructions to commence legal proceedings. This will be done without further warning to you.

    Please make the payment in favour of M/s.Bharti Airtel Limited -Mobile Services A/c: ……………. by cheque/DD payable at ……… or by cash/credit card. If you have already made the outstanding payments prior to receiving this letter you are requested to furnish us the proof of payment to avoid further action.

    If you have any queries please do get in touch with our representative Ashok Mobile Number -9810488943, & Rajender Mobile Number-9810509214.

    For any further clarification please contact the Airtel Office,

    Thanking You

    For Bharti Airtel Ltd.

    Authorised Signatory

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