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I have an issue regarding my number [protected]. My sim is in inactive state although has lifetime validity. On calling custome care @ [protected] from chennai. I was said the validity is over and i need to recharge with 47 and then top up with any amount, and this can be done through easy recharge(can be done from chennai too) or online banking. As instructed recharged(transaction was also successful), but it was of no use. Nearly called thrice i was said the same. Forth time when I called, I was said nothing could be done to activate the sim later I was transferred to the senior representative who instructed me to send photo and address proof so that the sim could be activated (can be sent through post to the corporate address of airtel) or come to orissa and submit those documents to retailer . Being resident of chennai, i have chennai proof of address. even if i send it through post what is the guarantee that my problem would be solved. if they have my address proof why should i send it back ? (all info given was wrong even the senior rep)

Nearly I have spent more than 100 rupees on calling the customer care from chennai also recharged as instructed with 47+50 on Aug 11 of 2010 what is the use of doing all this things, Even when we delay to pay postpaid bill airtel people charge 50 rupees, what you give your customers for providing wrong information or information even which they are not aware of?.

Am concern about this number because with great difficulty running from pillar to post, i got this sim with my uncle's residential proof . I still wonder why sim is not provided to other state people. although we are willing to submit the proof of address. the customer relation center make a clear point that they will not issue unless orissa proof of address is given. “hum ko yeh sab nahi maloom jao bhubaneshwar waloon se pucho”( We dont know anything about this issue go speak to bhubaneshwar people) this is the reply i got from the jagatsingpur customer care person 2 years back on showing a copy of ECI card and passport for photo and address proof, airtel mobile postpaid bill for address proof. if it is so why airtel people provide temporary address and permanent address column in their enrollment form?

Later on 13 Aug 2010 called the nodal office of airtel @ [protected]. Told my problem and I was said they will make a call back the same day with the status. 4 days passed still there was no call.

Again i made a call to nodal office on 17 Aug 2010 and stated the problem from the A-Z. executive Mukhtar was assisting me. Again I was said they would make a call back. Finally i did get call stating that they need 2 days time for investigation and would make a call back, i asked for ref # for my complaint. i was said that i dont have mobile # how can a ref# be given. 7 days past still no call.

on 26 Aug 2010, I made a call again to the nodal office it was a kind guy Anshuman who assisted me he tried this level best but could not assist without ref#. again stated the problem from the A-Z on request. later he said the concern person Mukthar who took your complain will make call in few minutes for further assistance . After few minutes Mukhtar made a call. he stated that the number was sent to market and was sold out to customer and activated on 11 Aug 2010 the same day when i recharged. then I asked him for refund for the amount which i had recharged due to the wrong information provided by the customer care executive since the fault was on their part for providing wrong information. i was said even refund cannot be done. they do accept their fault but finally blamed me(no Apology for wrong info provided before)

I frequently used to call my number and check if its activated but i used to get same IVR message "out of service" i made a cross question i was said the number was bought by a person and did not submit proofs so they had to disconnect the number temprorally, the reply was not at all satisfactory because every day when i made call the IVR message was same "out of service" and if any one who would have activated his number and later switched off also i would have got some different IVR message.

So Finally called the Appellate office got the some what same reply with some different information. As usual had to state the whole chronicle again and request for refund and told all the problems which i faced right from buying sim to the recent problem from the customer people to the nodal office support. She did give me a great information, that is if you have lifetime validity sim and is not recharged for two months it denotes the validity is over and the number is taken off. i asked why they are called life time validity sim when its validity gets over in two months. Now this speaks the well about process knowledge of the Appellate officer(hope officials of airtel when they see this they can understand).on cross questioning them the answer differ each time on the same call just imagine they them self are not sure what they say. I also placed the question why they have quality check when the information was given all the time wrong and every time they did not even bother to give a proper answer. again excuses with unacceptable answer. the information i got from Appellate officer initially the sim was sold out into the market and was activated twice she confirmed on this. Even verified with the nodal officers answer she said it was “its not like that” on cross questioning again she said it is sent to market but yet no one has bought it. Conversation went 19 mins i guess . God better know which info she gave is right (both answer given by her did not match with the information given by nodal officer) And a clear point was stated recharged money wont be refunded even though fault is on their part.

Now which information i should believe the one which Nodal officer told me or the Appellate officer gave me or the customer care???...

even i use airtel mobile, tele-media, dth, dsl services in chennai and i don't think i ever faced such problems. even if there is a problem a single call is enough to get problem solved even while roaming over other states for mobile services. Never even once i faced such problem in my 12 years connection with airtel since from the time it was skycell in chennai. Opted airtel for its quality service it provides but i find it reverse in nature in orissa and above stated problems.
Worst thing everybody called me with my first name with a prefix Mr. What else we can expect from airtel orissa? Such a beautiful customer care, nodal officers, Appellate officer. And what a respectful hospitality in customer relation center. Award winning crew over all.

People better think twice before buying a airtel orissa gsm connection.

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      Feb 12, 2011

    dear sir,
    on dated 10.02.11 i have recharged rs.50 in [protected] by axis bank net banking, sir, i have recived massage rechraged done but balance not got.

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