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at/p akole dist-ahmednagar , India
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Respected Sir,
I am Ashish L. Bele regular customer of Airtel Company [protected](Prepaid, Friends Card). I put 2 complents to customer care but not satisfactory solution given by them & I lost my money & too much time in it. My complent/reference no.[protected] on 19-03-10, [protected] on 24-04-10 & [protected] on 25-04-10.
My first complent on 19-03-10, it was for HELLOTUNE. I had call from [protected] at 5:13pm but I am on another call, after it I callback that no. as I didn't know it's of hellotune, I heard 2-3 songs but I had already hellotune on my no. hence I cut the call, but within 2mins. I got message that u hav been charged Rs.15 for Chal re phone utha, it's activated as your hellotune, where I hadn't listen this song & hadn't press any no. to select that song. I call to customer care & told them about this problem, they give me reference no & told to wait upto 24-03-10 to solve problem and call from CC. But I havn't any call & no solution for it & my hellotune was also stopped at 5:32pm on 19-03-10 & told that to restart it you have to paid Rs.45
My second complent on 24-04-10, it was for change in call rates & message rates. I recharged on 23-04-10 of 75 & got TalkTime Rs.68 & again recharge Rs.28 for night calling but it's not successfuly recharged even try two times. Then I recharged of Rs.30 & got TT of Rs.25.20. But later on I came to know that my call charges are changed & message chrges also changed.After taking my complent they told me that this technical problem is solved & you'l get your regular charges & balance of Rs.28 for night calling within 24 hrs. But again as usual no reply from customer care, I again call them on 25-04-10 then they told me to wait till 28-04-10 upto 9:54am for solution of problem. Again no reply upto 11:45am. Then I call them again & they told me that you recharged of Rs.75 & your plan changed to 1paisa/sec. I used to recharge of Rs.75 but it never happens but change occur in it then they have to inform customers that now onwards onRs.75 recharge your plan changes to another but they didn't do it. Now I have to pay 5times of message charges than previous and I also lost happy hours(10 paise/min to all Airtel no. at 3pm-5pm & 10pm-8am) & I recharge for 40 paise/min for 24 hrs for other than Airtel for 1 year that benifit I also lost because of that change in plan.
So please do kindful to solve this problem.

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