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Airtel Blackberry 8820 / do not touch blackberry with airtel

1 India
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I have been a customer of Airtel in Delhi for last 11 years. Their customer support has always been extremely poor and I have been living with it only because I never wanted to change my number. Their customer support is in fact has become a matter of Joke among friends and is a perfect example of Airtel monopolistic attitude. They have kept compete novices at customer support with Zero knowledge.

I lead a company of over 1000 employees and because of my personal experience I have never bought for my employees an Airtel connection. The latest example however beats everything to date.

I bought top of the line Blackberry 8820 through Airtel, The phone stopped working within 15 days of purchase... after spending my personal 2 hours at their Customer support shop (it is in fact a shop only - not a blackberry support cell) I got a New replacement phone from them in 10 days time. But to my horror the replacement phone also stopped working after 20 days. I decided this time to ask them for refund as this was inexplicable & to me it seemed that Airtel has bought a chunk of Blackberry rejects from somewhere. However, as expected, Airtel washed their hands off and told me again to wait for a replacement phone which may take 10-20 days to arrive. It didn't matter to them that instead of expecting much better service, what I have gone through... I have practically lived without a proper phone in last 2 months.

Earlier I was only dependent on my phone for Calls & SMS (i had always used Nokia so far w/o any trouble for last 11 years) but after having Blackberry I became dependent on the phone for mails as well. I mistakenly thought for Blackberry corporate customer they may have a separate cell and better service. But I think it was too much to expect from Airtel.

I had thought that if their service for Blackberry customers is good then to go for Blackberry enterprise server & buy a least 50 Blackberry for my employees. But for sure after this horrible experience I will not touch Blackberry again... at least with Airtel.

It is for sure that Airtel don't care a damn for their customer.


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