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Two issues with Airtasker

1. I was scammed in money for the job . I was not paid by Airtasker . Money is deducted from the poster site and they pay to our bank a/c . airtasker didn't take any responsibility . Aus $1000 lost .

2. Secondly the fund was released for the job that I did . But airtasker says that it was old job and already paid via old payment systems . Again $200 Aus loss

I conclude that Airtaker is not responsible for payment and this is not secure system. Do not trust Airtasker. Be aware who work with Airtasker . I will give them ####. This is fraud site and money making site only

  • Updated by Razni, Jan 29, 2017

    Airtasker is money making site only . do not try to work with this #### site

Jan 29, 2017

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