Airport Parking / Damaged Vehicle

Contact information:
Phone: 908-994-1999

Just got back from Orlando after parking at E-Z way for 4 days. I get to my car and the drivers door lock is broken out and all my stuff is thrown all over the car. My GPS which was in the locked glovebox is missing as they pryed that open also. Their website states patrol and video security, however when I asked about the possibility of the video seeing what happened, was told by the attendant "we don't have video cameras, we have a guy that drives around". Oh, and they held my keys until I paid them the $46 for parking there. Called AMEX the minute I got home to stop that charge. Was told to call the owner for what he will do; first number given to me was out of service, second number goes to voicemail with a full mailbox and you can't leave a message. Do not park there even if the rate is a good one, you will pay in other ways; it will cost me a few hundred bucks for repairs to my door and not even considering the GPS I lost. By the way Tommy Wilson the owner of E-Z Way is the owner of Vista Parking also. Here's Tommy Wilson's number that was given to me to complain; check it out yourself and see how it goes straight to a full voicemail with no way of leaving a message, not that I would expect a call back from him anyway, [protected].

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