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Airport Marina Ford / ford fusion repair

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States
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1. My 2014 Ford Fusion locked out due to the key fob not working unexpectedly. I had to get a tow truck because I didn't know about the hidden key slot.
2. Took the car to Airport Marina Ford where I had taken it a few weeks before to take care of my open Recalls. Here I hoped to get the key fobs reset/working again
3. Jody Freund (Service advisor) explained to me that the module was in-op and needed replacing, "module doesn't send signal to open doors."
4. I asked the dealer to reset the module, per Ford Engineer suggestion. The dealer said they tried and couldn't
5. Jody said that the Module is in the headliner and will cost $700 and 2 days to order the part to install.
6. Jody also said that my battery is low and needs replacing costing $165 dollars
7. I had to leave the vehicle for complete diagnosis and I had to rent a car but he couldn't tell me how long it would take. When I had taken my car in for the open recalls it took just long enough for me to have to rent the car for and extra day. Jody said that I was not allowed to get a loaner car because I didn't buy my vehicle from that dealership although it wears the same Ford Badging.
8. The Ford Engineer that I know spoke to Jody and the service manager to find the root cause since these modules don't go bad without some type of trauma to the vehicle, but unable to convince dealer to look deeper to create a relationship with a Ford customer regardless of origin. Jody nor the service manager were not interested. We also tried to contact the general manager and left him several messages and we didn't get a response.
9. I canceled the services to pick up my car without the repairs to take my business anywhere but there- I paid $150 diagnostics fee
10. I took my car directly to the Ford engineer and he reset my entry module, reset both key fobs, extracted my factory touch key code and showed me how to unlock and lock my door and other features of my Fusion all within 15mins and he did not charge me.
The exact was that he reset my fobs is what I had asked Jody to do and he didn't. I don't know if he just didn't want to but it felt like he just wanted a reason to charge me extra money. I learned a valuable lesson which is that I cannot trust the dealership and I don't feel protected by the Ford brand any longer. Jody kept saying that I bought my car used and I didn't buy from them so he gave the impression that I was not worth being treated with respect. The Airport Marina Ford Dealership is the closest to my house and I wanted to build a relationship with them to take care of the first car that I've owned. When my car was returned to me, it was filthy and the rental that they gave me, the low tire pressure light came on the first day that I drove it and the Ford staff made it seem like it was no big deal when I returned it. This is shameful. I'd like to feel confident and respected when I'm taking care of my car and this dealership made me feel like I was not important and they are just trying to find ways to get money out of me.

Jun 19, 2017

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