Airline Reservation / Refund Owed - Cancelled Flight without Permission

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Phone: 2139559695

I tried to book a flight for my 88yr old mother. They charged my account and cancelled her reservation without my permission after harrassing calls. I booked a flight for my 88 yr old mother through AARP Travel which led to Air Ticket Guru aka Eros Tours & Travel aka Cheap Fare Guru. They booked a flight on July 27, 2015 (confirmation #ILQH4X) and took the fare of $295.60 and a processing fee of $10.40 out of my account right away. They then sent me 4 text messages and several emails asking me to call them right away to confirm important information. I tried calling them several times and was put on hold for hours at a time with no one answering. The email they sent me stated they would not release an e ticket until I called. I finally called United Airlines directly and an agent sent me an e ticket to send to my mother. I then continued to receive texts and emails threatening me to call them to verify important information. I then received a call from a man from Eros Tours and Travel who had a foreign accent so thick I couldn't understand what he was saying so I hung up. The next morning I received an email that they had cancelled my mother's flight without my knowledge or permission. I had to call United Airlines directly to get my mother on another flight (confirmation #K4EGJX) on July 27, 2015 and it ended up costing me an extra $87 to book directly with the United Airlines agent. So now I have had to pay for her flight twice. This company owes me the $295.60 + $10.40 + $87. I wish I would have read the reviews on this company first. They have numerous bad reviews on Yelp.
My mother is a WWII Veteran and I am a Veteran of the AZANG/USAF/USN. We do not deserve to be treated this way.

Jul 6, 2015

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