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DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. We called them out to diagnose and repair our GE refrigerator. Over the course of 1 1/2 years they were out numerous times. Each time they came out a different part was replaced and we were told the problem was fixed. After spending $1500 and still having the same problem we called GE who sent out a factory technician. He found numerous problems with the work that had been done including spliced wiring and a hole burned in the freezer door seal where a heat gun had been used to try and reshape it so it would seal properly. Everything was repaired by GE and the refrigerator works perfectly. While the GE repairman was working on the refrigerator I called Airflow and asked them to at least pay for the $219.99 labor charge I was having to pay GE. I didn't ask them to pay for any of the parts that GE had to replace. They told me to have the technician write down everything he was doing and for me to fax it to them. As the GE technician was working, I wrote down everything he told me he was doing and why he was doing it. I faxed this and the receipt for GE's charges along with copies of Airflow's receipts and the dates they were at my house. I called every couple of weeks for 2 months and there was always an excuse why they hadn't made a decision on my refund. Then they said they couldn't find all the stuff I had faxed to them and could I send it again. Now it's 2 weeks later and I just got the call that they are not going to pay the $219.99 I paid GE for labor. They said they talked to their repairman, who worked on my refrigerator, and he said he didn't do anything wrong. They also said that the information they requested me to get from the GE technician wasn't written by him so it wasn't relevant. They got $1500 of my money and didn't fix a thing. Then, they didn't have the decency to refund $219.99 for all my trouble. I see by my search on the internet that I am not the only one who has had problems with these people. Too bad they are still in business.

Dec 30, 2014
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  • Fi
      Jan 11, 2010
    Airflow Appliance Repair - Good Service
    Airflow Appliance Repair
    United States

    Got my washer repaired. The technician was very proffecional and was able to fix my washer the very same day. Will use this company in the future.

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  • Jo
      Dec 31, 2014

    Mr Dudley,
    I do apologize for the problems you had with the company, and for the fact that you were not satisfied this time with the service you received.
    Sadly, you have been a long time customer, since 2012, and its unfortunate we were not able to make you happy with the outcome this time on your refrigerator.
    It does appear however it was usually a span of months between visits with the technicians here in the company, and one would only assume if there were issues with what we did for you a call back would have been made immediately, and not almost a year later.
    Our technicians are human, and do make errors, and usually we are happy to issue refunds to customers if we have made a mistake. We did ask for proof from GE that what we did was not correct and we received nothing from them in return. Management does evaluate the technician's work and service and we are happy to reciprocate if we are in error. This was never proven and thus that is the reason no refund was ever issued to you.
    We have been in business over 40 years and we do take customer complaints very seriously. And yes, on the internet you will see there have been some complaints as with most companies now a days who advertise on the internet. Unfortunately it is the nature of the business. We would like to try and reach an amicable agreement so please if you are able to get us the necessary documentation we asked for I would be happy to go to management for you to see what type of compensation I am able to get.
    Again I sincerely apologize for the problems

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  • Jo
      Aug 13, 2015

    You are exactly right about "DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE" or Airflow Appliance Repair. The receptionist that I spoke to is very disrespectful, I asked to speak to the Manager and she just hangup the phone on me and we are schoolsFirst Federal Credit Union. The receptionist did a very poor job and in need of professional training. Management if you see this comment please reach out to me at [protected], Johnny.

    Thank you

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