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1 OKC, United States

Beware of their tech named Juan. I needed them to come out and put some PVC pipe on the drainage pipe because it was creating a huge puddle next to my house. They said they would send a tech out either Monday or Tuesday and it didn't matter if anyone was home or not because he didn't need to come in the house. I woke up Monday morning to a text from my neighbor letting me know there was an A/C man at my house looking through my mailbox and trying to get in my front door. Just as a finished reading the text my daughters ran in my room saying a man was in our house. I ran out there and he had come in through the back door and was shocked to see my kids home. We called the company and they said they would take care of it. When he was finished, he came to the front door and apologized. He said "I didn't think anyone was home, I should have knocked first" ... If he thought no one was home then why was he in MY house? My landlord called the company this morning to let them know that was not okay and that Juan is not allowed to work on any more of her houses. They told her that Juan said he did not enter my home and that I was lying. They told her that he has been with him for over 20 years and they have no reason not to trust him. I sent them a screen shot of the text that my neighbor sent and I have yet to hear anything back.

airco services

Sep 10, 2014

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