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Airbnb / no place to park - unable to check in

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08/11/17 Booked Airbnb “Riviera Maya Haciendas” and received a confirmation. This listing is included, and shows amenities including – Free Parking on Premises, note that the option Free Parkin on Street is lined out, and unavailable. This shows that the owner clearly intended to represent parking on their property, not on the street.
8/12/17 11:06 am. Received a message from Lara via Airbnb. She was welcoming us and providing confirmation of our expected arrival, and directions to the property.
8/12/17 3:45 pm We arrive at the property, and realize that there are signs indicating that parking is only for residents. We assumed that we would be included in this, and contact Lara to determine which spot we should park in.
Received a text message stating that we were not allowed to use the residence parking, but that we were welcome to park on the street.
We explained that the street has clearly posted no parking signs, and that their listing stated that on-premises parking would be available.
Another text stated ‘I park on the street all the time, don’t worry about it’
Lara said she would be at the property in 15 minutes.
We contacted Airbnb and spoke with an agent named Meaggan. She assured us that she would help us, and that she would call us back within 15 minutes.
We received an email from Meaggan stating that she was unable to reach us. She said that the owner confirmed that parking in the parking lot was only for residents, and that we would need to park on the street. The email also states that Airbnb warned the owner that they would be liable for any tickets or towing.
After 20 minutes, we again called Airbnb and this time spoke with Angelina. She stated that there was absolutely nothing that she could do, since Meaggan had been assigned to this case, and only Meaggan would be able to answer questions about it. Angelina tried calling Meaggan, but did not receive a response. I waited on the phone with her for about 20 minutes. Angelina finally gave up, and said there was nothing she could do, and that I would have to wait for Meaggan to return, since she had been assigned to this case.
After waiting another 30 minutes, we again called Airbnb. This time I requested to speak with a supervisor, and was connected with Tanner. Tanner was quite rude, and again stated that the only one that could help with this case was Meaggan, since she was assigned to it. He absolutely refused to do any more, and said that I would have to wait for her call. I explained that she apparently did not know how to dial a Mexican cell phone, since I had not received any phone calls from Airbnb. He stated that Airbnb is a worldwide organization, and they know how to call Mexico. My guess is that they were trying to dial a landline (prefix +52) instead of a cell phone (prefix 044), but I just couldn’t get him to listen.
Waited for Lara for 2 hours now. Called back Airbnb for the 4th time. This time, we were told right away, that we would be assigned a new case manager, since Meagan was unavailable. We were connected with Acel. Acel looked through the notes left from the other agents and asked if we would like to be booked into another property. We explained that since we were not able to check in to the current property, and since Lara never showed up, we would like something else. We were told that we would have to wait an hour for everything to be set up. I was, of course, not happy with this, but had no choice.
Received a text message from Lara, now 2 ½ hours overdue, stating that she was now at the property, and was surprised not to find us waiting for her. We had driven away from the area.
After an hour we received an email from Acel giving us two options for replacement bookings. We responded that we would accept the second of the two options that were sent, and assumed the matter was nearly resolved.
Another 30 minutes, and a new message from Acel now asked “Who told you that you could only park on the street?” She also states that the property has multiple places to park. And, of course, she states that she is unable to reach us by phone. She does, however confirm that they are trying to dial +52 999 xxx xxxx, which will simply not work, since the +52 prefix is for Mexico landlines, not cell phones. By now we were sitting in the dark near the main highway, and getting quite nervous. It has now been 5 hours since our arrival.
Another call to Airbnb. I’m told that the matter can’t be resolved unless I can receive a phone call on the confirmed number. They apparently are not allowed to dial the number in any other fashion, or call an alternate number. It’s the confirmed number on the account or nothing. I, of course, voiced by objections to this nonsense, since I was clearly on the phone with them. They stubbornly refused to transfer me to Acel, and said that if I was unable to receive her call, there was nothing they could do.
We contacted a hotel via and booked a room in Tulum, Mexico (about a 30 minute drive away).
Received a message from Lara at the original property telling us that she had obtained special permission for us to park. However, it was now late, and we arriving at the hotel in Tulum.
Received a message from Acel stating that she was unable to call us, and was now going home for the day.

Aug 13, 2017
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  • Ed
      16th of Feb, 2018
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    Looks like the problem was in communications via the phones. I had to read through that 3 times to comprehend the details, but you did a good job considering your circumstance. The problem w/cell phones, texting, answering services, etc. is that a lot gets missed along the way. It only serves to complicate things further. Actually, the real problem or subject gets lost because of a that communication stuff.Waaayyyyy to many people involved in what would otherwise be a simplistic matter. Personality traits come into play, misunderstandings, tempers fly, data crucial to a simple conversation gets lots, etc... I was looking for Tanner Hospital complaints, but got your complaint. I wish you well, hope this has worked out for you. I have no idea who Airbnb “Riviera Maya Haciendas” is, but I can clearly see there is a communication problem, mainly technical, but also the people. Many people the world over are going through this type thing all over the planet the past few months.

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