Airbike / ali5 v2

United Kingdom

More than two months ago (18/07/2017) I made the purchase of the Ali5 scooter and neither I have received the product nor received my money. What was initially going to be a 2 week wait in delivery of the scooter is already going for almost two and a half months. Although I have tried to get in touch with the company, they do not attend to me.
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Hace más de dos meses (18/07/2017) que realicé la compra del scooter Ali5 y ni he recibido el producto ni me han devuelto el dinero. Lo que inicialmente iba a ser una espera de 2 semanas en la entrega ya va por casi dos meses y medio. Aunque he intentado ponerme en contacto con la empresa, ellos no me atienden.
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Sep 22, 2017

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