Airasia Go Hotel Booking / All sales are final

Queensland, Australia

Booking hotel accommodation with air - asia go has turned into a nightmare as they are not your average hotel booking website. I made the mistake of not reading the fine print and now i am paying for it. They are happy to take your money up front but if a mistake is made forget ever seeing your money again. So called cheap price turns out to be the same on most other hotel booking websites but the difference is if you make an error with booking wrong dates you are told "all sales are final" we booked 9 nights accommodation in a hotel just outside london during the olympic games 2012. As i write this booking is still 8 months away. I was looking at my flight details and realised i mixed up the dates and booked the first 6 nights accommodation before we arrive in london and yes i know i made the mistake but with any other hotel website eg agoda, etc. I could just go online and sort it out. No not with air - asia go first you cannot do anything with the booking you make. You have to email them and wait to be told all sales are final and thank you for understanding. Well i don't understand! I sent a long email outlining and explaining the situation i also sent proof of our airline itinerary and only asked for them to change dates or give us a credit to use with them to re - book the right dates. No that isn't what they do. All sales are final! I have asked them to send me a contact here in australia so i can explain the situation and see if we can sort something out as i do not want to lose my money. Also the hotel will not lose out as it is booked during the olympic games so the room will be sitting empty when someone else could book it. As of today i have still not heard back from airasia go and i doubt i will. I know you will say i have learned a hard lesson but i believe a company should have some integrity and help their customer if they can see the customer has made a legitimate mistake. I naively believed because they were connected with air asia that they would be a company with integrity so i gave them a go. That was my first and will be my last mistake. I have always booked with other hotel booking websites in the past and now i will continue to book with other companies in the future. I guess this is just a warning to those who think this is a good company to deal with. Well it isn't unless you are happy to deal with inflexible rules and poor customer service. As far as i am concerned they are a rip off company that shouldn't be allowed to trade. If they do sort this out i will come back on this website and apologise but for now this is just a warning "all sales are final!" and "thank you for understanding!"


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