Airasiaair asia staff manila terminal 4, specifically ms. rosalyn ramos

Was removed against my will from Plane for being poisoned by bleach by airport janitor in the airport bathroom, had a bottle of water that i set on bathroom counter, was washing my face and when finished grabbed what I thought was my bottle of water and took a big drink only to find out it wasn't water but bleach to clean the bathroom, at this same time my flight was boarding, I proceeded to the gate, told the woman there briefly what had happened, she asked if I felt fit to fly, I said "YES, I'm going to be okay, just wanted someone to know" as was travelling alone and am in a foreign country felt it was in my best interest to tell another person, at this time I got in plane and took my seat, wasn't long before the taste in my mouth was so bad that I needed to spit, so I went to the restroom, not long after that there was knocking at the door from airline personnel, I opened the door to find 5 people there CLAIMING to help me, I said I was okay and that if anything harmful was going to happen it would have by then, they said the captain made the call that I couldn't fly ( without taking one look at me or talking to me directly ), at this point in my opinion I was forced off the plane. From this point on is when I was having communication directly with Ms. ROSALYN RAMOS, she was argumentative with me from the very begining, speaking over me, not listening to my constant request for simple water & basically treating me as if I was in violation of some law/rule. I was then escorted to the medical facility inside Terminal 4, she continued to be argumentative & was IN NO WAY HELPING ME, her remark to me about the water was & I'm quoting her, "WE DO NOT HAVE WATER AVAILABLE IN THIS AIRPORT" funny because as I still had the chemical taste in my mouth I need to spit, so I went to the sink only to find a 5 gallon water dispenser, I immediately started to drink some water & that started to remove the bad taste that had in my mouth. I wasn't allowed to board another flight, so I lost my reservation in Kalibo PHP1200, had to rent a room in Manila PHP 1300 & was deprived of my ability to even leave the airport do to airport security trying to force me to sign a piece of paper against my will, in my opinion my human rights were in violation, I received no help, nor did I want any, all I wanted to do is go to the destination I paid for. So what are you going to do ?

Jan 20, 2017

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