Air-n-Water / I paid extra for shipping and they did not deliver on time

Santa Ana, CA, United States
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I bought an air conditioner from and I wanted to get it as soon as possible so I decided to pay extra for shipping. They charged over $50 for quick delivery and promised I'll get my order within 2 days. 2 days passed and nothing arrived and when I contacted them they said that I'll get my order tomorrow. I don't want to tell about how many times I contacted them and tried to get at least some assistance, I just want to say that it took over two weeks to get my order!! When I received it I contacted Air-N-Water support and demanded my $50 back (shipping fee) but they refused and said that was not their fault that it took so long! Are you kidding me?? Give me my money back you scammers!!

Jan 13, 2017

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