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A Montreal, QC

I booked 3 tickets to go to Lebanon, the agent did not write the correct spelling of my first name and my father's first and last name.
Now, she is asking me to pay 200$ can for each ticket which is equal to 400$ can to correct the names. Knwoing its thier mistake and do not want to correct it.

She took my 3 tickets and promissed that she will correct the names and waited for a week now and wants to make me pay a fee for a mistake they made.

I wrote the names on a peace of papper and gave it to them. now, they are blaming me for the tickets and wants me to pay the penelty...

Very bad experience. I am suppose to travel on Sept 19th and be back Oct4th on Air canada. I called AAir canada and referred me to the agencey. I call the Agents and all are not helping me out...

I need help...

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