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Air India Express / Irregular ticket prices

1 United Arab Emirates Review updated:

With a mountain of hopes to all the indians, Air india Express, said to be a budget airline, launched ! They announced inaugural fares very much attractive ! All indians in UAE felt that though they are not offering any inflight services free of cost, at the same time, they are not charging anything for that !

Soon after this, they started showing their real color ! their rates are par with other IATA carrier some time more than that ! Just because of budget carrier, no in flight service, at the same time cost of ticket is more than IATA Carrier.

All nationals who love india should boycot AIR INDIA EXPRESS.

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  • Ma
      10th of Sep, 2018
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    Air India Flying Returns - Unable to update existing profile or create new profile

    I have a frequent flyer card and was trying to update information online with my passport and voters' id. But at telephone number and e-mail id they are saying "duplicate information". But these are the numbers and e-mail ids I have provided. To change them implies I will have to create new identities.
    Please help.

  • Pe
      3rd of Sep, 2018
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    Air India Express - Delayed Flight

    I have letter from Duty Manager - Calicut Airport, says Mr. P. Noushad has booked on IX374/20Aug.18 CCJ TRV. the flight has been delayed at Calicut airport more than 6 Hrs due to operation reasons. I wait in calicut airport nearly nine hrs, kindly refund as much you can or Please issue a ticket to cover this.

    I, hope a favorable response from you

  • Ha
      17th of Nov, 2011
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    I booked my ticket by air india express on 15th oct 2011 for travel to Kozhikode from Abudhabi on the 6th of Dec and return in Jan for a fare of Dhs 1681.18 and when I checked on 16.11.11 again the ticket cost has been slashed to Dhs. 1411.18. I sent a mail to Air India express but no reply. I have confirmed my seat earlier under the impression that the ticket will cost more as the days goes by and the travelling date comes closer. Now what policy has been adopted by Air india express nobody knows. If I have to pay more (almost Dhs 300) for booking a ticket well in advance I would say to hell with AIR INDIA. Totally unjustified!!! I would request all Middle east passengers not to use Air india as far as possible and that is how we can teach these arrogant airline people a lesson. PLEASE TRY AND AVOID AIR INDIA that is my request as an Indian. The ticket cost also is same as other reputed airlines like Emirates and Ethihad . AIR INDIA go to hell and this is my last trip in Air India.

  • Su
      18th of Mar, 2008
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    I have been sending the below email to Air India for the trouble they caused me but no one responded back. Can someone help me:

    Subject: Extremely disappointed and highly dissatisfied with Air India Airlines Service

    Dear Air India Airlines:

    I am disgusted as I write this note to you about the miserable experience I had using your services. I am writing to obtain compensation for a huge mistake for which I believe your firm is responsible.

    On February 1, 2008, I took delta to fly to New York (JFK) from where I had a connecting flight to New Delhi via London. I enrolled into Air India mileage program so that I can use Air India airlines in future travel planning. I received booking confirmation via email. See attached itinerary: "Sunita Itinerary.pdf" (PNR number : J5LSN)

    Incident #1

    My timely arrival to India with my baggage was essential; as I was attending my real sister's wedding which was scheduled for 10th February 2008.

    On February 2, 2008 I reached at night to find out that one of my luggages was missing. I was to fly immediately to Patna as I live there. But the luggage was important for me as it contained all my sister's gifts and my personal accessories that were needed for the wedding. As per the promise made my Air India baggage claim service department (Mr. A.K Singh) to deliver the baggage the very next day, I changed my plan to stay in Delhi and collect my luggage. See attached Complain Number / Reference Number: Complain Number.pdf

    I waited a day and when I did not receive my baggage, I called the Delhi baggage claim service department again but unfortunately no one was able to update me with any information so I stayed in Delhi for another 3 days and during the course I made 2 visits to the airport.

    Ultimately I had to leave on 8th February 2008 for Delhi as I was already late for the wedding. I had to buy my personal accessories for the wedding and also gifts for my sister before I left. I had to take a flight to Patna.

    Note: However I was not provided any compensation for:

    - Food & lodging in Delhi

    - Visits made to the airport

    - Phone calls made since I had to buy a pre-paid Delhi number

    - Wedding clothes and accessories I had to buy again for myself

    - My sister's wedding gifts.

    Incident #2

    Baggage damaged and had to be personally received all the way from Delhi after the wedding. View pictures: DamaggedLuggage1.JPG , DamaggedLuggage2.JPG

    Baggage Claim Service department did not call me at all till 8th February, so I called them on 8th to find the status. They finally managed to trace my baggage and promised to dispatch it to Patna the very next day.

    However I did not receive my baggage on 9th, so I called them again to find out that, they had not dispatched it. Finally after my sister's wedding which took place on 10th, my husband flew to Delhi on 11th February to collect the baggage as it was lying there since 8th February. The baggage was damaged and was shown to the baggage claim customer representatives: Locks and wheels were broken and there are deep scratches all over the place. Pictures of the damaged baggage were taken at the time. View attachment: Tag.pdf

    Note: However I was not provided any compensation for:

    - Flight to Delhi and back to collect my luggage

    - The cost of the repair done to my damaged baggage

    The bottom-line: I have never seen such sense of irresponsibility from a giant airline as Air India.

    I planned this trip for over 6 months and was excited about visiting my family and attending my sister's wedding. Air India Airlines mistakes cost me a lot of money, hassles and emotional distress.

    Because your firm/airline caused the problems, I expect you to work with me to obtain a satisfactory resolution. Specifically, I expect you to:

    1) Verify that my Visa card (XXXXXXXXXXXX93713) has been credited for the $4000 paid for this trip + cost of gifts for the wedding and personal wedding clothes + twice roundtrip airlines from Patna – DEL + cost of repairing my baggage + for the hassles of not able to gift my sister the gifts which I bought from US + emotional distress + taxi fairs. I can provide you few receipt if needed.

    Air India airlines can't give me back my moments and losses, but I expect you to provide the above compensations which is still not comparable to your mistakes.

    Please call me before March 21 with confirmation that my requests will be honored. If I don't hear from you, I will report to the appropriate regulatory agencies in US and India


    Sunita Shaw

    3913 White Rose Ln

    Saint Charles

    MO – 63304

    Cell # 314-255-5441

  • Vi
      29th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    Budget carriers usually means no in flight services. If you don't like it tough, fly another airline. It's you who make the decision to fly them, no one pointed a gun at your head. Their planes are new and comfortable. Its not like you're going to be sitting on it for more than 3 or 4 hours. Contrary to some people's beliefs you will not die if you do not eat or drink anything for this period of time. If you want to see try what true budget carriers are like and lack of service, try flying Ryan Air or Easy Jet (both of whom depending on the flight booking are more expensive than full service carriers)

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