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Me, my husband and my 16 month old son were travelling from JFK airport to New Delhi on 29th May 2018, via Air India flight number- AI 102. We had reserved a bassinet seat for my son, and had booked an Emergency seat close to bassinet seat. Air India had charged us $50 for Emergency seat and had confirmed our reservation.
But when we boarded the flight, we were allotted some other seats, not bassinet and Emergency seats. On asking about it, the flight staff told us that although they had received the money, but had not reserved our seats and they allotted those seats to other passengers, who had already occupied our seats.
With no other option left, they allotted us an empty set of 3 seats as a compensation. We did not get the bassinet seat either! Since those seats were anyways going empty, they were at no loss; but we, having already paid for our seats, neither got comfortable seats, nor did we get back our money for Air India.
We would like Air India to return the amount they charged us, ie., $50.

Jun 06, 2018
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  •   Jun 07, 2018

    go to court for 50$!

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  • Pi
      Jun 08, 2018

    @Flight Safety It's not about the amount of money involved; but when they failed to provide us the service we had asked for, then why to pay for it?

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  •   Jun 08, 2018

    @Piyushi Mrs. Piyushi, the Air India carrier has a duty to provide the servce for the passenger according to (1) the agreement (e-ticket, boarding pass, bag tag) (2) the status of the air carrier (3) law of the country (4) ICAO/IATA regulations. If the air carrier can not or they had failed, the only solution for passenger is to get the fair monetary equivalent via the court. Regards. Manager for ICAO/IATA irregulation matters,
    e-mail: aryan(at), air.irregulations(at), substitute anti spam for enquery (at)[email protected]

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