Air conditioning and heating / Bunch of crooks

Port Charlotte, FL, United States

Avoid these people at all costs, after calling them out due to my AC failing they spin me a story about faulty evaporator units, leaking systems, and how my five year old system is beyond repair and I should get a new one for $6000. When pressed they admit it can be repaired for $3000, but refuse to give me a written quote, instead they write something completely different on the inspection sheet to cover themselves.
Stunned, I got a second opinion and found from an honest contractor that there was no leak, no loss of Freon, no faulty evaporator coil, no need to buy a new one and no need to buy a new system! In fact all i needed was a new starter solenoid which he gave me for free!

When pressed Direct Heating and Cooling refused to give me a refund on my call out fee and refused to apologize for their criminal mis-diagnosis. I really don't know how they sleep at night, I guess very comfortably on all the money they rip off from the elderly an unemployed.

Avoid these crooks at all cost, use anyone else.

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