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Dear Air Berlin,
My name is Lech Piotrowski and my flight AB 7495 from Abu Dhabi to Berlin was cancelled on the day it was meant to happen (04 August 2017 02:00). I was provided with this information just as we came from Colombo to Abu Dhabi. My next flight I was booked for (AB 7493) was on the next day (05 August 2017 09:25).
For cancelling my flight on the same day it was meant to happen and for the more than 30 hours of delay (by virtue of Montreal Convention on Air Passenger Rights) I want a compensation in the amount of 600 Euro. I want to mention that only my fly from Abu Dhabi to Berlin was approximately 4 600 km.
I am only interested in compensation by cash not by vouchers.

Air Berlin
Air Berlin

Aug 09, 2017
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