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On 6th Oct I have booked Phuket trip for December 2009 for 2 person. My Credit card transaction went thru but I didn't receive any booking reference number from air asia go holiday. I call go holiday hotline and every phone call I have to wait for 30 min for someone to attend to my call. She confirm that the payment went thru and she can't find any booking for it and suggested that I re-book using another credit. The refund will takes at least 10 working days.

The next day I used another credit card to re-book again and I encountered the same problem, no booking reference number and I have to call go holiday department and they confirm the credit card payment went thru again but can't check my booking in their system again. She ask me to call them back the next day to check.

For these whole issue I have paid twice for the booking and yet I am still not confirm for my Phuket trip. I have to pay extra RM60 for the booking today compare to yesterday fare.

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  • Ix
      Oct 08, 2009

    I encounter the same issue here.. same package offer by AirAsia Go Holiday.. from KL to Phuket on the 15th Oct.. Transaction went tru. but no confirmation email from them.. Nothing!! this is suck..

    And, I am gonna fly on the 15th Oct. 09, yet i'm still not receiving anything from them.. and i can't even reach them via phone or email, wondering what kind of customer service they are, with this kind of cust. care service, they still proudly claimed that they are the most favourite malaysian's airlines.. dissapointing and irritating.. PUI!! SCAMMER AIRLINES!!

    Anyway, i've already called up the bank and i'm gonna dispute..

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  • Ai
      Oct 21, 2009

    they suck to the max don't book anything through go holiday

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  • Cs
      Nov 02, 2009

    i have book air flight and hotel from go holiday if not mistaken me i book it on May or June2009.
    Because my passport is expired soon so i call up to check whether must igive them the new passport no. after i renew? They told me yes i need to call up and told them the new passport no. if not i need to bring both passport on the day when i want to collect my flight ticket. So i still aks them i need to call this customer service line??? It is difficult to get through, i ask them is there any other no. to call and they told me "NO"...this is the only no.
    before i renew my passport, i received an email from air asia stated that the flight from BKK to KL have change to 550pm instead of 645pm. My friend call me to call up and double confirm. So after i renew my passport I call up to confirm with them and at the meant time I want to give them my new passport no.
    I call almost 30mins only get through, a lady pick up the call. I told her that I have renew my passport and need to give them the new no., then she told me that I need to fax it to them...ok is fine, i forgive you cause the first time i called up, the person just told me to call up and tell them. ok...after that I ask her about the timing, she can told me that the time that I go from KL to BKK also change to 345pm instead of come no one inform us? what if I didn't call up and ask??? means i need to wait there till 345pm? i say i wanna change the time to earlier...she say ok and will send the update confirmation to me but till now i still haven't received any latest and updated confirmation, my flight will be on end of this month already.
    Can Air Asia/Go holiday give a good explaination on this?

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  • Je
      Feb 13, 2014

    Oh!! YOu think yours was a long time. My booking was for October 2012. It is now Feb 2014 and I am still trying to sort out my refund. So many emails, so many unanswered calls and emails I can not count them all.
    Worlds cheapest airline only comes through worlds worst customer service.

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  • Cy
      Aug 29, 2016
    Air Asia Go - Outstanding refund
    Air Asia

    Refund for my trip cancellation to Japan has been promised by Air Asia Go since Apr 12, 2011 but till now after so many e-mails of follow-up and complaints, i've yet to receive the payment. My last email follow-up dated Aug 23 has been falling on deaf ears !

    Air Asia, please live up to your standard and award as "World's Best Low Cost Airline" !!!

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