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Lake Mary, FL, United States
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Any suggestions will help. When we applied for Sun Lake Apartments in Lake Mary, FL which is an AIMCO company, they asked for a non-refundable $100 application fee and a $250 security deposit. This was on 3/14. On 3/15 they called and said we were approved, but we needed a letter from our employers. I had the flu and didn't go into work until 3/17. Since Peter Cardon paid me in cash, he didn't want to give me the letter. When I tried calling the apartment complex to tell them, the lady I was working with was gone for the day. I called Mon and she was gone again but I spoke with the asst manager and he was a little irritated that she told me I was approved without the proof of employment. He said he would call me Tues. no one did so I called them. She was out again and then called me Wed telling me that the manager said it was okay that we could have the apartment. This is after we assumed that we weren't getting it and decided not to move. She told me that we could still move later and save the deposits. I have been since then trying to get the $250 back, and they now today told me that the final decision is that since they held the apartment and we didn't respond by 48 hours that they will not be refunding any of the $350. I asked for proof in writing and they said they would email me all of the documentation. Even if it was in writing on the app fee, the leasing agent we were working with told me that it was pending proof of employment. How can they just take $350? I understand the $100 app fee! Any thoughts?

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