ailife insurancedeceite and no refund

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Ailife is a a complete scam/fraud however or which way you want to look at it. Their agents will come to you tell you what they want & push even lie to you to make a sell. They won`t tell you about all your options only what the agent wants to in order for them to get your money so they can make money off you. That`s not looking out for the people in this community. My husband & I were lied to by our so called agent in so many ways, and we put trust in that agent like you think that you should be able to, well biggest mistake we have made. Rule is trust no one without getting more information on them & their company. And let me tell you talking to their reps. get you no where cause they will all tell you something different. This should be an Attention to any & everyone DO NOT LET THIS COMPANY HAVE YOUR ACCOUNT # OR ANYTHING!! They think they have a right to know how much money is in your account when they already have your accont #. I`m having a real hard time getting my money back when I canceled my policy three day`s after the agent was at my house selling me their crap. Like I said they think they have a right to see your personal bank statements. That is not right for any company to ask for bank statements. You do not even get to talk to a superviser or manager because they do not even call you back, i`ve tried twice & all i`ve gotten is a machine & no call back. This company is all BAD BUSINESS!!! They do not care about the people or community. Even when you do everything they ask, except they hehaw you around, you still won`t get anywhere cause you are not important just a sucker. I`m going on two weeks trying to get my money back. Good luck to all suckers out there who fall for this crap company!!!


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      Mar 03, 2011

    I just had my first experience with this company and they seem to be legit. I read this post and couldn't disagree more... the agents were incredibly helpful and seemed to have nothing but my families best intrests in mind? They never asked to see my bank statements, and only gave them my account # so that they can deduct my premium every month, just like my car insurance, or home owners. I enjoyed my experience with the company and thought I should share. thanks!

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      Nov 13, 2011

    That rno guy worse mistake of your life

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