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AIG Travel Guard / Fraud / Lack of Disclosure

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AIG Travel Guard has quietly removed any "AIG" reference on it's websites. While it's probably a self-preservation technique, it's also deceitful. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of AIG. Not disclosing it reveals that this company is not trustworthy, and is willing to engage in consumer fraud to avoid being related to it's owner during a time of economic upheaval. If they can't be honest with consumers on their website, why should they get your business?


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  2nd of Jan, 2009
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I agree completely. They're still part of AIG, but they deny it! If there were ever a company with a serious gap in trustworthiness, Travel Guard is the one.
  26th of Feb, 2010
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I won't burden you with my tragic story but take my heed and do not use Travel Guard, they are rip off artists, they require a library full of documentation to even qualify for a review to see if you are eligible to receive the reimbursement YOU PAID FOR. And I mean you have to have every receipt every conformation number, every doctor, every hospital, every every every. Then they take months to review and won't even talk to you unless it has been 5 weeks, ( I am serious) says so right on their form! Then no matter how much proof you have or how many doctors that verify and even write hand written notes to re-verify they will refuse to pay you. Don't bother wasting your money! And what is really sad their premiums are huge, so you pay top dollars for nothing. However a small portion of our trip I booked on Expedia and their insurance was cheap and they instantly refunded my money, no questions asked. They are cold hearted bigots and if I could figure out a way to put them out of business I would write a million of these.
  14th of Jun, 2010
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So I see that you have contacted AIG headquarters at 80 Pine Street NY, NY to verify that Travel Guard is AIG? And when you called you found that Travel Guard was independently owned/operated by John Noel since its inception in 1985? Then he tried to do right for his employees by putting a little muscle behind it by selling to AIG? And of course you knew how hard John fought to keep AIG out of it because they were not AIG, they were Travel Guard. Then you also bothered to clarify that Travel Guard International maintains its own CEO (currently)Dean Sively? Then I bet you also discovered that AIG has many more independently run areas such as homeowners insurance/dental/retirement/investments... the latter of which caused the black eye on AIG's name. Which in turn, highly educated people such as yourself discovered that the removing of the AIG "branding" would be not only the honest move, it would remove a stable and profitable company from the storm that hit AIG. Though I'm sure you already knew this right?
I think it humorous the angrm rantings of the ignorant and misinformed. The problem is, you can spread all the disinformation you want, nobody will believe you without cold hard facts.
God bless!

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