Aiding Student Relief / this company has nothing to do with what I thought it did

Stanton, CA, United States
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I thought Aiding Student Relief was there to help with my loans. Thinking I had worked with them in the past I called to get some information on my loans. The lady I spoke with sounded very confused and put me on hold. I continued to hold for ten minutes until a supervisor picked up the phone and explained to me that this company is a division of the Xerox Corporation, they receive multiple calls about this on a daily basis, and they don't have anything todo with student loans. ***They are a paper and office supplier for school districts in the southwestern United States.****

Supervisor on the phone I spoke with was very nice, but it was abundantly clear that this company has no affiliation with the student loan company that I thought they did.

Just a forewarning to anybody calling about their student loans. There is some kindof mistake and this company is not affiliated with student loans.

Sep 15, 2017

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