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I received the phone call from the agent from the company Aichi International. The agent offered me to buy stocks, and after long speech and thoughts, I finally bought some of them. After that they continued to call me and offered shares. I spent about $40, 000 and I never returned them, because the agent stopped all communication with me. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice?

Mar 07, 2014
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  • Ma
      Aug 06, 2014

    Hi Hamanse, i have also been conned by them. They were Daido international, Now Aichi. they sell fake shares in Eccotopia & also a company called International Advanced Healing Group. Which is a fake company but they say it is part of Advanced Health Institute which is real company in Bloomington Minnesota. However if you call AHI they have never heard & have no association with IAHI. Names to be very wary of:
    Robert Baily
    Peter Monk
    David Harris
    Peter Schilling who is apparantly customer Relations at AHI, except they have never heard of him.


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  • Ma
      Aug 06, 2014

    AICHI. Scam Company.

    I am sure there are others who have been scammed by Aichi also. i have been on quite few complaint & scam websites & Aichi are on all of them.

    They are very pushy, very aggressive in their technique & their favourite trick is to tell you that they have sold your shares but you have to put up an "Equity bond" of 10% of the value of the shares. So that the Institutional buyer's bank fund the sale. i am an i***t, please do not fall into this stupid trap, if you read this & have had similar please come forward.


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