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Ahern Rentals / Ahern Rentals FRAUD

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Phone: 800-400-1610

Company is unprofessional, an absolute disappointment, and a waste of time, money, and life. Overcharged without authorization. Faulty equipment, bad customer service. As a company that rents a fair amount of equipment, this has, by far, been the most unprofessional and undesirable.

I urge ANY residential or commercial customer to avoid using Ahern Rentals. Their fraudulent practices are company wide. Save your time and money.

We will never use the company again and will recommend not to use them to any person or comapny.

Ahern Equipment Rental located on 28261 Highway 74 in Romoland CA 92585
General Rental
High Reach Equipment
Heavy Earth Moving Equipment
Customer Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

Ahern Rentals

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  • Aa
      Dec 15, 2010

    I have also had a bad experience with Ahern Rentals. They are not a good choice for rentals. Ahern rentals rented me equipment that was unusable.. charged me the full amount, and did not keep its word on agreements we had made. Liars and Unprofessional. DO NOT USE. There is plenty of other rental companies out there with great equipment.

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  • Jo
      Dec 31, 2010

    Bad Service. Terrible Management.

    I would actually label Ahern Rentals as Dumb Crooks!

    They do everything backwards and half a55.

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  • Ea
      Jan 07, 2011

    I know the person that submitted this comment and well loved by all the rental yards in the area. He has nothing but problems with anything he touches he is a nut case.

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  • Co
      Jan 07, 2011

    Ahern Rentals = Bad Service

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  • Ah
      Jan 27, 2011

    I was rented some equipment which did not work properly at the location near Hemet, I think in romoland. The equipment did not work, I took it back and was still charged the full amount, although I did not use it and brought it back within an hour. I then was offered to rent another one at a discount. Not the way to do business. Ahern Rentals will take you for whatever they can get.

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  • Ah
      Jan 28, 2011

    Ace Hardware Romoland - 28261 Highway 74, Romoland California 92585 - 951-928-9200
    Bought some tools, attempted use, they broke. no refunds available. Rude and Disrespectful.
    Ahern Rentals Romoland 951-928-9200
    Ace Hardware Romoland 800-400-1610

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  • Ah
      Jan 30, 2011

    I had a bad experience with Ahern Rentals as well

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  • Ahern Rentals present themselves as the best in equipment rental, boom lifts, scissor lifts, and a bunch of other contractor related rental services. As a contractor, I can say they are completely the opposite. Paying money to rent equipment from Ahern Rentals and giving your money to a random person on the street is virtually the same thing, the only difference is giving your money to a random person doesn't require the hassle that Ahern Rentals puts you through. The similarities are that you get nothing out of either option beside wasting money. I do not recommend Ahern Rentals.

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  • Ah
      Feb 16, 2011

    Ahern Rentals misses $10.9 million interest payment

    Struggling with debts and liabilities totaling more than $648 million, Las Vegas-based construction industry supplier Ahern Rentals Inc. said it did not make a $10.9 million interest payment that was due Tuesday.

    The interest was due on Ahern's 9.25 percent Second Priority Senior Secured Notes due 2013. Some $238 million was owed on those notes at the end of the third quarter.

    Ahern said it entered into a forbearance agreement with a majority of the revolving lenders under its credit agreement and that, subject to conditions, the lenders will take no action as a result of any default under the credit agreement that arises from non-payment of interest on the notes or specified other events that could result in a default through Aug. 21.

    With the recession slashing demand for construction equipment that Ahern rents, the company lost $19.6 million on revenue of about $80 million in the quarter ended Sept. 30.

    Ahern has 71 equipment rental branches around the country.
    News From
    Ahern Rentals

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  • Ri
      Dec 16, 2015

    Called off 2 forklifts when finished with them, one evening. Was told by Ahern individual to leave them out front without keys. Next morning, forklifts gone. I assumed that Ahern picked them up. However, an Ahern Flatbed showed up to pick them up, later that afternoon. Apparently, both forklifts were stolen by some opportunists. Hmm. That opportunist sure had some resources, to be able to pick up 2 forklifts and hide them away. Anyway, had to pay for 2 forklifts. Inside job? Anyone else have a similar experience? When the lifts were originally delivered, they were left out front of our building with keys in them. I got to work @6am and the forklifts were just sitting there. No signatures were obtained when delivered, so I assumed that they pick up and deliver at night.

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